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Author: The County Journal

Charlotte High School choirs earn excellent ratings at MSVMA Choir Festival

The Charlotte High School Choirs earned high ratings at the MSVMA Region VIII District Choral Festival.  All three Charlotte choirs received ratings ranging from a good Division II to a Division I perfect score. The women’s Chamber Choir performed “Chi La Gagliarda” by Baldassare Donato and “Wake Me a Song” by Andrea Ramsey. Chamber Choir earned the highest rating of Division I Excellent including a near perfect score of 28 of 30 possible points in sight-reading. Comments from judges included, “lovely free tone and balance” and “great poise, preparation and literature.” The mixed-voice Varsity Choir performed “Sanctus” by Wolfgang...

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Summer field trips to AL!VE offer fun experiences for children’s groups

AL!VE is excited to announce summer field trip options for daycare centers and small children’s groups coordinated through GROW, its children’s recreation and enrichment space. Summer field trips begin Monday, June 15, and can be tailored for the group each time they visit AL!VE. The unique guided programs last between 90 and 120 minutes. Experiences are designed for either preschool-aged (3 to 5 years) or school-aged (6 to 12 years) children. If a group contains children with mixed ages, a program can also be specifically designed to accommodate their needs. Available field trip activities include: GROW, which features a 36-foot tall tree house structure, an interactive rock and ropes course, and a virtual gaming system. SOAR, the multi-purpose gymnasium, which offers organized and facilitated games ranging from basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, floor hockey and interactive relays. ASCEND, the 24-foot rock climbing wall, which challenges the children with nine different routes. Each route is color-coded for beginner, intermediate or advanced skill levels. RELISH, the demonstration teaching kitchen, where groups can create and eat their own food. All customized menus offer healthy options and can tie into a field trip theme. PRESERVE, the natural grassland area, which provides outdoor education experiences. Using Fenner Nature Center’s Nature-A-Bounds! curriculum, the group explores using their five senses. The scavenger hunt includes education on habitat, basic survival needs and exploration of native grasses and wildflowers. In...

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HGB employees recognized at 12th annual Fulton Awards

Three Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital employees recently received the Fulton Award of Excellence, the hospital’s highest honors, at an annual award ceremony Wednesday, March 11. HGB congratulates the employees who were recognized for their exceptional contributions to its success: Mackenzie Stults, emergency department technician, received the clinical service award. Jackie Pennington, patient accounts representative, received the non-clinical service award. Karen Wilson, perioperative services director, received the leadership service award. Prior to being hired at HGB in November 2012, Stults volunteered in the emergency services department. Her Fulton Award nomination was a result of her continuous demonstration of leadership...

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Olivet High School captures MIFA Division III State title

The frigid, late evening air was stirred as a lone school bus drew up to the doors of Olivet High School. The quiet was instantly broken by the laughter and elated voices of 25 members of the Olivet Theatre as they emerged carrying a large golden trophy marking their MIFA Division III State Championship win. They commented to each other in excitement as they recalled the announcement of their school as the Division III State Champions only a few hours earlier. Thirteen schools, from Class A, B, and CD classifications, rose to their feet as these students accepted the...

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Gen X, Gen Y take center stage at Jan. 28 Can Do! meeting

Is Charlotte making the best civic and business moves to attract and serve the region’s Gen X and Gen Y population?  This is the crux of Can Do!’s January General Meeting this coming Wednesday morning. The guest speaker will be Michael Stoskopf, CEO of Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan and a man with decades of relevant experience. Stoskopf will convey strategies in understanding, marketing to and serving the unique characteristics and behaviors that underlie both critical generations. His expertise on the matter is broad. Besides being CEO at HBA, he is administrator of that organization’s charitable and education foundation and Executive Director of HomeAid of Southeastern Michigan. Stoskopf formerly worked for Granger Construction, leading their strategic enterprise growth. Prior to that he was Vice President of Business Development for defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, where he also worked as financial systems analyst and program manager. Stoskopf also served as Systems Engineer for MITRE Corporation and began his professional career as an officer in the United States Air Force. Demographers carve up populations by what they witnessed—the culture within which a generation comes of age.  Following the Baby Boomers was Generation X, those born in the early 1960s to about 1980.  The next generation gets the title Generation Y, or more often in marketing these days, they are known as Millennials for coming of age after 2000. Each generation comes...

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