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Month: July 2015

Anne Pease receives 4-H Fair’s prestigious Emerald Award

Anne Pease would be the first to tell you it takes a tremendous team effort to pull off the Eaton County 4-H Fair each year. On Tuesday, July 12, Pease was recognized for being an integral part of that team as she was named the 2015 Emerald Award recipient. “This recipient is so valuable that I’m going to take a little more time than normal,” said Mona Ellard, former Eaton County MSU Extension director, who presented Pease with the award. “For 29 years, she has given leadership in helping to support 4-H opportunities for kids to grow and prosper...

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New EASC raffle invites participants to ‘Dream Big, Win Bigger’

The original idea came from outer space … literally. When kicking around ideas for a new Eaton Area Senior Center (EASC) fundraiser, executive director Cindy Miller was told of the opportunity to win a trip to go into outer space on a rocket ship. The catch, however, is that the entity or organization offering the experience had to already own a ticket for such a trip at a cost of $250,000. Anyway, Miller said she knew she wouldn’t want to go to outer space, but she would be interested in winning a new home. Of course, the Eaton Area Senior Center does not own a house to raffle off either. It is, however, offering ticket holders the opportunity to win up to $200,000 that could be put towards the purchase of a new home. Dream Big, Win Bigger raffle tickets can be purchased for $25 and offer the chance to win up to $200,000 for first prize, up to $30,000 for second prize and up to $20,000 for third prize. The number of tickets sold will determine prize amounts. To hit the $200,000 jackpot, the Center must sell 20,000 tickets. It sounds like a large goal to hit, but organizers aren’t limiting themselves to the local community. They plan to use the power of social media to spread the word throughout Michigan. In addition, the drawing won’t take place...

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Charlotte named one of few Walkable Urban Places in Lansing region

The City of Charlotte was listed as one of just five WalkUPs (Walkable Urban Places) in the Lansing/East Lansing Region in the recent report — WalkUp Wake-Up Call: Michigan Metros. The report is the product of a study conducted by the George Washington School of Business in conjunction with Michigan State University that looked at the economy of walkability in the entire state. The report lists Charlotte as a Copper Level WalkUP, which is the lowest level of WalkUp included in the report. However, the report states, “these places have at least the potential to function as walkable urban places because they have a significant quantity of destinations and commercial space, as well as a reasonably dense street network.” WalkUPs are considered one of the most desirable locations for development. The report highlights the efforts that have been made in the last five to 10 years to make Charlotte a walkable community. Organizations such as Charlotte Step-by-Step have been working to enhance the walkability of the community through identifying existing trails and creating a walkability master plan. More specifically, the study highlights the potential for development within downtown Charlotte. City Manager Gregg Guetschow said the designation comes at exactly the right time for Charlotte. “With all of these other things we’re doing right, we can talk to the developer community and say ‘we are one of those spots,’” Guetschow...

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Eaton Food and Ag Fest strengthens link between producers and consumers

There is a real movement underway in Eaton County to connect local producers of fresh, quality food with local consumers. You can see evidence of this movement nearly every week at your local farmers market, which are taking place this summer in most communities in Eaton County. Farmers markets, though, are just a small step towards a larger goal of improving the overall health, both physically and economically, of our local communities. One organization directly taking charge of building avenues towards attaining that goal is Eaton Good Food. Started in 2012 this collaboration of now close to 60 organizations has adopted an Eaton Good Food Plan that outlines nine different strategies that will help to accomplish its mission of providing everyone with equitable access to safe, healthy and affordable food. One of the strategies identified was the creation of an annual event to promote and celebrate Eaton County’s local food system, the health, education and economic power of good food — the Eaton Food & Ag Expo. This year’s event will be held in conjunction with Eaton Farm Bureau Day at the Eaton County Fair on Monday, July 13. Eaton County Farm Bureau members get into the fair free all day and the free Eaton Food & Ag Expo will take place in Kardell Hall from 4 to 7 p.m. “We’re hoping the public will come and see what...

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Freedom 5K in Potterville continues fight against human trafficking

Since 2013 Mandi Rishel and a close-knit group of runners — Pville Pacers — have raised nearly $8,000 to help fund the fight against human sex trafficking. Rishel was first made aware of the illegal industry while on a medical mission in Ethiopia in 2012. Since, she has been on a mission to raise awareness and funding to help end what has become a global problem. To accomplish this mission, Rishel and the Pville Pacers created the Freedom 5K, which runs around Lake Alliance and through the city of Potterville each July. “Every person involved in coordinating this race...

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