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Month: August 2018

Matt Maitland named 2018 Frontier Days Grand Marshal

Though he hasn’t been a part of the community for terribly long, Matt Maitland has obviously made an impact. As the principal of Charlotte Middle School, Matt has a direct effect on the lives of many Charlotte youth. It’s because of his exceptional commitment to the children of this community that the Charlotte Frontier Days Board of Directors has named him 2018 Frontier Days Grand Marshal. “My wife, Amanda, was very happy for me,” Matt said of the news. “She knows how much time and effort it takes to be an educator so she was happy for me and proud...

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Windwalker Open Mic Nights heads to the Frontier Days Saloon

Fresh off its three-year anniversary, Windwalker Underground Gallery’s popular Open Mic Night will make its first appearance at Frontier Days. The event, which is open to people of all ages, and abilities, will take center stage at the Frontier Days Saloon on Thursday, Sept. 6, from 7 to 10 p.m. Windwalker’s Open Mic Night has grown in popularity each year, gaining notoriety throughout the community. Typically held in the gallery at 125 S. Cochran Avenue every Friday night, Open Mic Night hit the road this summer, offering community members the chance to show of their skills at various locations throughout the community. “This year the board of directors voted to take the show on the road one Friday a month throughout the summer months with the goal to showcase cool spaces in our downtown while partnering with other unique organizations,” said Kalli Dempsey, Windwalker board treasurer. “We were all excited at the idea of collaborating, and sharing the concept of Open Mic with a larger audience.” Open Mic Night has partnered with with the Spinsanity Flow Festival, Charlotte Celebrates, Art of Charlotte, and the Congregational Church, each time reaching new people who had never even heard of Windwalker before, Dempsey said. “We have found out that no matter where we take this event it always has the ‘Windwalker energy,’ which shows new people who we are while also making...

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Potterville city council moves to remove city manager with cause

Tuesday, Aug. 28 the Potterville City Council held a special, open meeting to go over the findings of an investigation conducted by city attorneys, and to determine the status of City Manager Wanda Darrow’s employment. Upon reviewing the 15-page document of the investigation’s findings, compiled and presented by the city’s attorney Michael Homier of Foster Swift, the city council voted unanimously to remove Darrow from her position as city manager, with cause, despite the submission of her resignation via her attorney, Linda Widener. Darrow was not present at the Aug. 28 meeting. Thursday, July 19 the city council adopted a “Preliminary Resolution to Remove City Manager and Conduct Investigation” because of complaints brought forward by a city employee. The investigation was conducted to find whether the “City Manager has committed misfeasance, malfeasance and/or nonfeasance in office, made misrepresentations to City Council, neglected her duties as City Manager, or violated the City’s Code and Charter.” The council determined after the meeting the city manager engaged in one or more of the mishandlings of her office and duties: • Mismanagement, misappropriation, or grossly negligent supervision of funds in the City’s Rural Development bank accounts. • Misrepresentation to City Council with the intent to defraud in connection with the City’s Rural Development/Community Facilities bank account. • Mismanagement, misappropriation, or grossly negligent supervision of funds in the Tax Increment Finance Authority bank account....

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Charlotte car dealer opens community pantry

We all hear about it, and some even have to live with it: local individuals and families wondering where the next meal is coming from. It’s a devastating feeling knowing there are families going nights and mornings hungry, let alone being one who is hungry or struggling to feed other mouths. But there is hope. Communities around the country and in the County Journal areas are stepping up and finding creative ways to end local hunger. David Howe, owner of Beacon Sales, is one local concerned individual who decided he’d do his part in fighting local hunger. Saturday, Sept....

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AL!VE hosts Turning Point kickoff

On Tuesday, Aug. 21, AL!VE hosted for the first time one of the regional kick-off events for the Turning Point Program for Breast Cancer Survivors. The free event garnered interest from many and brought more than a dozen survivors into the community to take part in an array of activities focused on health, fitness and nutrition. Attendees received chair massages from certified oncology massage therapist, Amanda Tollstam; learned more about “superfoods” from Dietitian Pat Willard; and connected with both Kim Freiburger, HGB women’s health liaison, as well as Joy Berwald from the Westside YMCA who talked about continued opportunities...

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