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Month: April 2017

The Flipping Redheads to make much anticipated debut April 29

Jill Felice and Colleen Mandeville have far more in common than the color of their hair. The two redheads bonded instantly more than a decade ago while working as nurses at Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital. Shortly after, they strengthened their friendship while on the hunt for hidden treasures at local garage sales. “We became the ‘Garage Sale Queens,’” Felice said. “We started repurposing things for our own homes as a hobby.” As their passion for flipping garage sale finds grew, so too did their talent for creating one-of-a-kind pieces. The two toyed with the idea of opening their...

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Sunfield to celebrate May Daze with Color Run and trunk sales

On Saturday, May 6, starting at 9 a.m., the Village of Sunfield will kick off its annual May Daze event. There seems no better way to celebrate Sunfield pride than with the return of warm, sunny weather. Event organizer and Welch Museum board member Geneise Davis was key in combining a couple of different Sunfield events into an amalgam day of fun and activity. The major happenings for May Daze include a Color Run starting at 9 a.m. Runners will start on Main Street in front of the fire department. Runners will encounter several color spots along the track...

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Early Season Kickoff marks start of Charlotte Baseball Club’s 13th season

Baseball and rain don’t typically complement each other. In a strange way, though, it’s the rain that brings out the best in the culture the Charlotte Baseball Club (CBC) has built over the course of the last 13 years. “When you get the threat of rain is when our parents really shine,” said Charlotte Baseball Club director Frank Silvas, speaking of the seven tournaments CBC hosts each season. “Everyone comes together to make sure we pull that thing off. Our tournaments couldn’t be done without the effort of all those parents.” Silvas would prefer to avoid that kind of adversity on a tournament weekend. But, as a baseball fan and coach, he knows all too well that adversity is part of the game. Finding a way to deal with failure is one of the many humbling lessons the game of baseball teaches. The life lessons taught by the game are a big reason Silvas, and a dedicated army of volunteers, run the competitive baseball program in Charlotte despite a declining local interest in the game. “The game of baseball is a hard game to play,” Silvas said. “It teaches you discipline, instills a work ethic, a respect for your teammates and your opponents, and shows you that with hard work you can really achieve something.” Many members of this year’s program — which total more than 90 local youth...

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The Reading Place closes its doors after 39 years

“Wandering the musty mazes of the bookshelves is one of my favorite memories of Charlotte, and continually an inspiration to me as an artist and historian.” “I would take all four kids there quite a bit when they were little. It was always exciting to see them excited about being in there and picking out books.” “The owners will always be in my special memories because of their kindness.” “They are the nicest people I have ever met.” These are just some of the comments I’ve gathered from the community since Lewis and Emma Trowbridge announced their plan to...

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An open letter from the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

Charlotte is rising. Momentum is pulsing through every facet of our community. In one short year, our city has ascended to the Select Level of the Michigan Main Street Program, empty buildings are filling with vibrant commercial spaces, and artwork is emerging throughout town. These many exciting developments are the work of collaboration and partnership. It is a time for all organizations to unite and support one another. It is time to redefine the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber board is currently facing many challenges we’ve identified as opportunities. We have spent the first quarter of 2017 streamlining operations to improve membership outreach, financial accountability, and organizational structure.  A new ambassador group is actively meeting and developing events and membership revitalization. Now we turn our attention our next goal — defining the value of Chamber membership. Personally, I feel that many businesses pay dues simply because “it’s the right thing to do,” yet realize very little benefit. Chambers across the country face this same challenge.  This leads us to… The Goal The Chamber will emerge as a premier organization in Charlotte. It will operate a website that is of great use to membership and town visitors; membership programs will serve as valuable resources for local business; and the events will be highly anticipated. New members will enjoy great notoriety and immediately noticeable value. How do we accomplish this...

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