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Month: November 2016

Zayne Warren keeps fighting after tumors, surgeries, and strokes

By Adam Droscha Staff Writer Most of us will know a family member or friend with a serious medical condition. Many of us, however, may never know what it’s like to actually have such a condition, let alone to be battling it for most of our lives. Zayne Warren is 6 years old, and he’s fought brain tumors since he was a toddler. He’s never known another way of living, but the point is that despite his battle, he is still living and he is still fighting. At around the ages of 2 to 3 years old, Zayne began...

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Charlotte native Jake Roys develops app for vocally impaired

By Adam Droscha Staff Writer Sometimes it takes the most difficult circumstances in a person’s life to move him or her to action. A person may not realize the need for something new until the difficult time has already passed, or until he or she realizes that a vital tool is incomplete or missing entirely. This is the story of Jake Roys and the app he developed after his grandfather passed away from throat and jaw cancer. Roys’ grandfather was having trouble communicating after he had several parts of his throat removed because of his cancer. The family tried...

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Bone marrow transplant to help Layla Sands be a kid

By Adam Droscha Staff Writer There aren’t many things more disappointing to a kid than being told he or she can’t play. To be told kicking a ball, going swimming, riding a rollercoaster, or jumping on a trampoline are not options or too dangerous can really take the zeal out of childhood. All Layla Sands wants to do is be as physically active as her imagination. She dreams of running, and jumping, and playing without causing internal bleeding or injuring herself. Layla was diagnosed with blood marrow failure, or more specifically dyskeratosis congenita when she was 5 years old....

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Community members eager to support local law enforcement

As the wife of a Charlotte Police officer, Leslie Rehard knows full well the sacrifice law enforcement officers and their families make every day. So it had become increasingly more difficult for her to ignore the growing anti-law enforcement sentiment nationally, and in some cases even locally. “I get so tired of reading stuff online that speaks so negatively toward police officers,” she said. “It does get a little irritating to read and it’s hard not to comment back.” Instead of using her keyboard to argue with the often faceless posts she’s found on social media, she enlisted the...

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Old Potterville antique store returns with new name

By Adam Droscha Staff Writer Antiques are a special luxury. They’re more than just a special treat for which some people save their pennies. Antiques bring comfort by reminding us of an older time, a past generation, and something that seems distant but still familiar. In many ways Linda Edgar’s new Saturday’s Shoppe represents the same warm feelings many of us have toward antiques. Edgar is not new to owning an antique store. Although her store has a new name, it wasn’t long ago that she owned a well-known antique store in Potterville. Her previous store was called The Vintage Cupboard, and it was open in Potterville for over 20 years. Linda and her husband owned two storefronts on Main Street in Potterville and Vintage Cupboard existed in both at one time or another. It was the second and final location of Vintage Cupboard that burned in the 2010 fire in downtown Potterville. The fire represented a lot of things for Linda. There was the obvious distress of losing a long-standing business, but there was also the disappointment of all the work Linda and others had done only months before to move down the street to a larger and more esthetic space. Aside from the distress and disappointment, Linda was also taking care of her mother while her health declined. In more ways than one Linda had to take...

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