By Adam Droscha
Staff Writer

Antiques are a special luxury. They’re more than just a special treat for which some people save their pennies. Antiques bring comfort by reminding us of an older time, a past generation, and something that seems distant but still familiar. In many ways Linda Edgar’s new Saturday’s Shoppe represents the same warm feelings many of us have toward antiques.
Edgar is not new to owning an antique store. Although her store has a new name, it wasn’t long ago that she owned a well-known antique store in Potterville. Her previous store was called The Vintage Cupboard, and it was open in Potterville for over 20 years. Linda and her husband owned two storefronts on Main Street in Potterville and Vintage Cupboard existed in both at one time or another. It was the second and final location of Vintage Cupboard that burned in the 2010 fire in downtown Potterville.
The fire represented a lot of things for Linda. There was the obvious distress of losing a long-standing business, but there was also the disappointment of all the work Linda and others had done only months before to move down the street to a larger and more esthetic space. Aside from the distress and disappointment, Linda was also taking care of her mother while her health declined. In more ways than one Linda had to take a break from being a business owner.
But now she and her husband are back. The original location of the Vintage Cupboard is now the home of Saturday’s Shoppe, Linda’s recently opened antique store. She is pleased to be back in the antique business, as are many of her old customers. Linda didn’t just build relationships with customers, she became friends with them, and her friends are returning with enthusiasm.
“The people are my favorite part of owning an antique store. I love seeing old, familiar people.”
Linda experienced a lot of push to reopen after the fire. She’s excited to give her old customers another opportunity to do business with her, and to meet a new generation of customers as well. Part of the reason for her reopening is because of how much she enjoys the Potterville community. Although owning and running the store does give her something to do during retirement, it just simply brings her joy to be interacting with the Potterville people again. Opening Saturday’s Shoppe was more than just something to do with her time; it’s been a return of a missing joy.
Linda wants readers to know that she does her best to have competitive prices, and to have a variety of items. She has furniture, jewelry, dining sets, and even clothing. She and her husband are also active in keeping new items coming into the store. She wants her returning customers to see new options every time they come to the store.
Saturday’s Shoppe is only open two days a week, Thursdays and Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in downtown Potterville. Linda will always be present during those times, and she welcomes customers new and old.
To learn more about Linda and Saturday’s Shoppe, Linda can be reached at (517) 393-1793.