Fresh off its three-year anniversary, Windwalker Underground Gallery’s popular Open Mic Night will make its first appearance at Frontier Days. The event, which is open to people of all ages, and abilities, will take center stage at the Frontier Days Saloon on Thursday, Sept. 6, from 7 to 10 p.m.

Windwalker’s Open Mic Night has grown in popularity each year, gaining notoriety throughout the community. Typically held in the gallery at 125 S. Cochran Avenue every Friday night, Open Mic Night hit the road this summer, offering community members the chance to show of their skills at various locations throughout the community.

“This year the board of directors voted to take the show on the road one Friday a month throughout the summer months with the goal to showcase cool spaces in our downtown while partnering with other unique organizations,” said Kalli Dempsey, Windwalker board treasurer. “We were all excited at the idea of collaborating, and sharing the concept of Open Mic with a larger audience.”

Open Mic Night has partnered with with the Spinsanity Flow Festival, Charlotte Celebrates, Art of Charlotte, and the Congregational Church, each time reaching new people who had never even heard of Windwalker before, Dempsey said.

“We have found out that no matter where we take this event it always has the ‘Windwalker energy,’ which shows new people who we are while also making our regulars feel at home,” Dempsey said. “The addition of Outdoor Open Mics has been one of the coolest parts of the summer for us. Not only have we been able to highlight so many available outdoor spaces that Charlotte has to offer, but we have also been able to showcase the incredible talent within our community.”

Hosted by Windwalker’s own nocturnal photographer, Vincent Brady, Open Mic Night at the Saloon is offering a pre-event sign up list. Interested participants should email to reserve a spot. Each performer receives approximately 15 minutes on stage to share their talent. Past performers have included musicians, hoopers, comedians, magicians, poets, and storytellers.

The Saloon doors open at 6 p.m. on Thursday, and the evening kicks off with the Marcia Weld Scholarship Contest, sponsored by Pray Funeral Home, Lansing Minute Press, Carl V. Reck and LOCALS in Business. Open Mic Night will begin following the conclusion of the Scholarship Competition.

“We have started to get partnership requests for next summer, but until then you can always find us in the Gallery on Friday nights for free family-friendly fun between 7-10 p.m.,” Dempsey said.