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Month: June 2016

Charlotte Artisan and Farmers Market takes food safety seriously

Local customers may wonder how they can be sure the food products they buy at the Charlotte Artisan & Farmers Market are safe. Market organizers want customers to know that food safety is a top priority for the market, and a significant effort is made to ensure that all food safety rules and regulations are followed. There are several levels of licensing and approvals necessary for safe market vending – even products not intended for human consumption, such as pet treats, must adhere to regulatory standards. Market organizers work with vendors to make certain they understand the rules, and...

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Join the intensely inspiring 12-hour fight against cancer

Our foursome had made our way to the first tee this past Tuesday, ready for a two-hour escape from stress and worries. Only instead of finding a brief escape from reality on the golf course, cancer interrupted. One of the four in our group shared that he had just lost a dear friend to cancer — he was only 47 years old. Cancer seems to strike everywhere and affect everyone. It’s impossible to get away from its reach. Hearing of his friend’s passing was a jolting reminder of how much a hate and fear the disease. The mere mention brings so many close people to mind and a lot of painful memories. There is one place where the word cancer is powerless — at least to me — Relay for Life. It’s a time where people speak of hope, share stories of inspiration and draw strength from each other. This year’s event promises to provide all of the above, with a whole lot of added fun. This year’s Relay for Life of Charlotte invites you to Carnival for a Cure, 12 hours of fun, inspiration and determination all in the name of fighting cancer. The festivities get underway at 2 p.m. on Friday, June 24 at the Charlotte High School track and activities are planned until 2 a.m. Who doesn’t love a carnival? There’s great food, challenging games, unique...

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June Can Do! meeting features pillars and committees

Can Do! (Charlotte Networking for Development Opportunity) has been drawing large numbers of attendees who are interested in the prosperity and vitality of the region to its monthly meetings. “When action items arise during our monthly strategic discussions, those projects go to one of Can Do!’s pillars or committees,” said Barbara Fulton, Can Do! chairperson. “That’s where the action happens.” This month, the leaders of those action groups will discuss the innovations, projects and community engagement happening within those pillars and committees. They will take center stage at 7 a.m., Wednesday, June 22, at the Charlotte Community Library. The speakers on the panel include Adrian Bass, representing the Leadership Pillar, Kellie Hanford, representing the Entrepreneur Pillar, Bill Barnes, representing the Youth Pillar, Christi Dutcher, representing the Charitable Assets Pillar, Bryan Myrkle, representing the Marketing Committee, and Patrick Sustrich, representing Charlotte Step-By-Step. The Can Do! pillars began about 10 years ago, springing from a national program called Hometown Competitiveness. A similar program was adopted in Charlotte as Hometown Partnerships and is based on the concept of four pillars that support not only the community, but are also interdependent. The four pillars are Youth, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Charitable Assets. “The basic concept is that, without any one of these, a community is not complete,” Fulton explained. The program recognizes that the future depends on creating dynamic attractive community opportunities, drawing individuals...

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Just a few seats left to discover bones of ancient beast

Amy Jo Kinyon Participants will have the chance next weekend to explore the Gothic Mill in Bellevue up close. The event is a fundraiser to support the development of a Mastadon Museum downtown, which will house the bones of the beast, which were unearthed by Dan LaPoint Jr. and his neighbor Eric Witzke in November of 2014. In total, more than 40 pieces from the animal were found, including hip, leg and rib bones along with vertebrae. Village Manager Travis Brininstool and the Bellevue Downtown Development Authority are working to create a space to display the bones of the creature, an ancestor of today’s elephant. Brininstool said there are just five tickets available for the Saturday night festivities and Friday night is already sold out. A silent auction, 50/50 raffle, tour of the museum site and full dinner at the mill location are all part of the event. Brininstool explained that prep work for the event is taking place and the final details are coming into place. “The DDA Board and the Stockhausen’s are working hard to get everything in place and we are looking forward to two great evenings,” commented Brininstool. Donations for the museum and preservation of the bones have already totaled $2,000 and the groups are hopeful that the event will raise $3,000 more, allowing two matching fund donations to be utilized. Brininstool said that while...

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Vermontville Fire Department begins planning to add on

Amy Jo Kinyon With just inches of clearance at either bumper of its largest truck, the Vermontville Township Fire Department is growing bigger than its britches. “What we currently have works, but the way the fire industry is going we are going to outgrow it very quickly,” remarked Fire Chief Matt Emery. The last purchase by the department, a large tanker, had to be taken to Spartan Motors and the bumper had to be reduced by 20 inches at a cost of nearly $5,000 just to fit inside the door, explained Emery. The Vermontville Fire Association is in the...

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