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Month: July 2016

City Council to examine debt financing as a way to tackle street reconstruction

Streets continue to be a top priority for the City of Charlotte and the current City Council. At its July 11 meeting, council was presented with a new option in which the city could perform major road reconstruction on three streets that have been deemed to be of high public priority — West Lovett Street, State Street and Lincoln Street. Charlotte Mayor Tim Lewis said he asked city administrators how the city could deal with the three streets he feels are priorities in a comprehensive way. Charlotte City Manager Gregg Guetschow presented council an initial look into debt financing to provide the necessary funds required to complete road reconstruction on the three streets. In a memo to council members, Guetschow stated that DPW Director Amy Gilson estimates the projects would total $3.6 million — $2 million for State Street, $920,000 for Lincoln Street, and $710,000 for W. Lovett Street. “If we were to fix every street in town, it is projected to cost $52 million, so we have a daunting task ahead of us,” Lewis said. “State, Lovett and Lincoln seem to have the roar of the community in terms of priorities.” Lewis said the council will come to a conclusion over the course of the next few meetings as a team and lay out a plan moving forward. In Guetshow’s memo, he outlines the potential costs associated with...

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Charlotte Community Library places millage increase request on Aug. 2 ballot

The Charlotte Community Library is asking voters to approve Tuesday, Aug. 2 a .5 mil increase to the current .9 mils it receives from residents in the City of Charlotte, and Eaton and Carmel townships. The current millage expires in 2017. The proposal calls for 1.4 mils for a period of 10 years. Library director Jim Oliver said the increase is necessary to keep the library operating at its current level. The library is currently operating at an $88,000 deficit, which Oliver said is not sustainable for another year. “We’re fortunate that our board has budgeted so conservatively,” Oliver said. “If we continue at this rate, it would decimate our savings.” The library has operated on .9 mils since it became a district library in 1998. Since that time, it has seen its sources of revenue decline. In 2010, the millage, which accounts for 70 percent of the library’s annual revenue, generated $410,772. That number has declined to $379,254 in 2015. The library also receives state aid and a share of penal fines that originate in the county. In the last couple of years, state aid to the library has been cut nearly in half, said Sally Siefert, children’s librarian. She said revenue from penal fines is also unreliable. The library received $84,000 from penal fines in 2015, compared to as much as $189,800 it received in 2008. Siefert...

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The Groomery offers calming place for pets to be pampered

It didn’t take Capri Brown-Dickson five years to figure out that dogs walking in the door to get groomed weren’t exactly excited to see her. In her five years as a groomer, however, she has learned how to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Comfort for pets and their owners was one major goal she set out to accomplish when opening her own shop — The Groomery — in downtown Charlotte this past May. She and fellow groomer, Katlin Stark have been serving clients since May 16. “We want this to be a great experience for them,” Capri...

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Route 66 bringing the music back to the hills of Sandyland

Amy Jo Kinyon The hills will once again be alive with the sound of music when Sandyland returns to Nashville on Saturday, July 16. The venue, located just outside of the village on M-79, is no stranger to country music. The vocal stylings of Waylon Jennings, Loretta Lynn, the Everly Brothers and many others filled the air when Sandyland was in full swing. Now, the members of Nashville’s Route 66 Business District are bringing back live music to the venue, tucked among the trees and out of sight of those who travel M-79. “Well it made a big difference...

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Ken Beardslee inducted into National High School Hall of Fame

Marilene Beardslee was thrust into the spotlight Saturday, July 2 as she accepted recognition in Reno, Nev. on behalf of her late husband, Ken Beardslee and his induction into the National High School Hall of Fame. Though he never sought the spotlight, the moment would have been perfectly suited for her husband, she commented. “Ken liked speaking,” Marilene said. “He was a polished speaker and was featured at many banquets. He could have been a great sports announcer.” It was Ken’s prowess on the baseball field that garnered the honor Marilene accepted at the Peppermill Resort in Reno. Beardslee...

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