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Month: May 2017

$300,000 grant awarded to Maple Valley Schools

Maple Valley Schools superintendent, Michelle Falcon, has been eagerly awaiting news regarding a grant for which she applied through the Michigan Department of Education. The Year-Round School Grant program designates money for facility modifications for schools moving toward balanced calendar (school year calendar that spreads dates for classes and vacation more evenly throughout the year) instructional programs. Since Maple Valley School district has one facility that entertains year-round programs, and has been researching the possibility of a balanced calendar school year model, the district was a prime candidate for the grant. Falcon heard about the Year-Round School Grant in...

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Several things fall into place for new Maple Brook Golf Professional

After 36 years as a golf professional on the west side of Lansing, Chris Mann found himself in unfamiliar waters. He took a management position with Macy’s department store in Grand Rapids. His years of experience included plenty of retail sales, so that wasn’t a big difference. Golf, however, was certainly missing from the equation. He began to think about the next five to 10 years and what that might look like for him, when a much more familiar opportunity appeared. Mann was approached by the owners of Maple Brook Golf Course about redeveloping their pro shop, and offering...

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Eaton County Vietnam veterans plan opportunity to come together June 24

It’s been nearly 40 years and Jerry Taylor still remembers the young girl who greeted him in that California airport, shortly after returning home from his tour in Vietnam. “I was about halfway down the terminal when she came up to me and spit in my face and called me a ‘baby killer,’” Taylor said. Unfortunately, that kind of welcome was all too similar for many returning Vietnam veterans. It’s a reason Taylor never really talked about his time serving in the United States Navy during the war — at least not for the first 30 years after his return. However, sentiments have changed over the course of the last decade and being a Vietnam veteran is looked at in a much different light these days, which has made discussing his tour of duty much easier for Taylor. Now he makes sure to greet any veteran he sees with a “Welcome home, brother.” He’s found the greatest comfort in sharing his stories with other veterans. “It’s easy for someone who was over there to talk to someone who was over there,” Taylor said. “If you didn’t experience the fear and frustration you went through, you just can’t describe it.” So Taylor, working with the encouragement of three other local Vietnam veterans, set out to bring as many Eaton County veterans together for a time to socialize, share stories, and...

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Creatively Mi adds to growing artistic flair in downtown Charlotte

Michelle Darling finds painting to be therapeutic. She also finds that teaching others how to paint can be a rewarding experience that allows others to unleash their creativity. She learned just how much she enjoyed teaching while volunteering in her children’s elementary classrooms. She discovered just how much can be learned through art. “Art teaches people so much that they can carry on in other aspects of their lives,” Darling said. For the past four years, Darling has taught private painting lessons. She traveled to people’s homes, sharing her creative gift, when she realized she could make a greater...

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Andromeda to perform in historic Courthouse

Friday, May 26 through Sunday, June 4, the Andromeda Community Theater group will present the famous Agatha Christy play, “Witness for the Prosecution.” The performance will be held at the historic Eaton County Courthouse in downtown Charlotte and will feature several local performers from a local theater group. Director Amy Jo Kinyon believes this will be an outstanding performance for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because of the unique performance setting. “It’s a courtroom drama, which is perfect for the old courthouse,” Kinyon said. “It’s not an audience participation performance, but being in that...

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