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Month: November 2017

Contested races highlight Nov. 7 election in City of Charlotte

Four seats in total are up for election in Charlotte on Nov. 7. Only two, however, are contested. The race for the District 2 seat currently held by Brad Johnston has seemingly generated the most attention locally. Johnston, who has served on the council for the past three years is facing opposition from former councilmember Branden Dyer, and Kyle Ried. Johnston said he is running for re-election beacause, “I want our community to reach its full potential. I want my children to grow up in a Charlotte that is even better than I experienced. I want that for all of us.” Dyer said he is seeking election because, “My single mom taught me the importance of hard work and civic responsibility. These values along with the energy and momentum in Charlotte inspired me to run for council. I want to ensure residents’ voices are heard, not overshadowed by political colluding and partisan agendas.” Ried said he is running for city council because, “I am running for the City Council seat for a few reasons. The first one is our city’s infrastructure — our roads and our water. I would like to improve the roads in our town that have fallen into disrepair. The quality of our water is also a concern.” Ried identified the condition of city streets, the quality of city water and high level of city taxes...

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Help me demonstrate the power of hope

There is tremendous power in hope. It can lift you up in moments of despair, carry you through life’s struggles and give you strength to move forward. Hope is the central theme surrounding the American Cancer Society’s fundraising efforts. There is no doubting hope plays a central role in anyone’s fight against cancer. Hope alone, however, cannot generate change. That takes action. I’ve committed myself to action this month, working on behalf of the Relay for Life of Charlotte in an effort to raise money for cancer research. I am participating in an American Cancer Society campaign called Power in Purple, one of three local candidates that have committed to sharing the “Power in Purple.” My reasons to relay are many, but the most powerful are the memories of loved ones who have passed while fighting cancer to the bitter end. None of them were ever defeated by the disease … not their spirit anyway. I’ve maybe never been more inspired than by my stepbrother, Blake, who at 19 years old faced the most difficult battle of his life. He did it with grace, with humor and with fierce determination. Cancer took his life in 2012, but it never took his spirit. He will always be a reminder to me that strength and courage can always be found regardless of the circumstances. He’s the biggest reason I’ve agreed to...

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Broncos, Lions advance to MHSAA district finals

Bellevue and Maple Valley high school football teams advance to the District finals in their respective divisions with home wins Friday, Oct. 27. The Broncos handled Webberville for the second time this season, winning their 8-Player Div. 1 pre-district contest, 48-8. Bellevue advanced to host Lawrence High School on Friday, Nov. 3. Lawrence is 5-5 on the season. They defeated Camden Frontier 24-20 to advance to the District final showdown against Bellevue. Camden Frontier handed Bellevue its only loss on the season. Maple Valley defeated Hartford 26-7 to set up a Div. 7 showdown at Saugatuck High School on...

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Elvis is coming back to Charlotte

Last year, top tier impersonator Steve “Elvis” Hunt sold out his show. This year he is returning for a command performance, giving everyone who loves Elvis and his music another chance to see him perform. Mark your calendar for Saturday, Nov. 11; doors open at 5:30 p.m. with dinner served at 6 p.m. and the three-hour concert will begin at 7 p.m. The Center — Eaton Area Senior Center — will be serving dinner, plus homemade cheesecake for dessert. Tickets can be purchased through the website, or at the Eaton Area Senior Center, located at 804 S. Cochran...

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Maple Valley pole vaulting coach to open new practice facility

Jerry Sessions, a longtime pole vaulting coach for Maple Valley and surrounding areas, has broken ground and laid foundations for a new  practice facility for local pole vaulters. Sessions has coached pole-vaulting at Maple Valley for nearly 30 years. He’s seen many success stories during his years coaching. Many of his students have gone to pole vault in college, become coaches themselves, and a few have even made it to the Olympics. Sessions is the founder and owner of Landon Athletics, his personal training and coaching services. Through his business, Sessions coaches athletes from Maple Valley, Harper Creek, Lansing, Potterville, Cedar Springs, and even Indiana. In a given year Sessions estimates he’ll coach 50 to 60 athletes. The time has come, however, where the limited space of the Maple Valley gymnasium is no longer suitable for the needs of his athletes. They don’t have enough running space, and Sessions would rather have his own facility for his business. Sessions’ pole-vaulting facility will be 175 feet long, 60 feet wide, and will have 27-foot high ceilings. The space will be ideal for athletes who want to push themselves and train for bigger and better things, according to Sessions. “I’ve had athletes who wanted to jump elite,” said Sessions. “I have all the equipment to do what I wanted to do, I just needed the building.” While his clientele and coaching...

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