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Month: December 2017

Fire raises questions about City of Potterville and Benton Township mutual aid

Amidst an already tense legal battle, which resulted in the state court of appeals ruling against the City of Potterville’s claim as the first emergency responders to Potterville Public Schools, more concerns have come to the surface after a residential fire in the city. The Potterville Fire Department was the first responder to the fire, which took place Tuesday, Nov. 28 on Cottage Street. While en route to the fire, the Charlotte and Windsor Township fire departments were called for help, both of which arrived to the scene in a little over 10 minutes of receiving the call. Benton Township Fire Department, the closest neighboring fire department, was not called until about a half hour after the initial call, according to Eaton County Central Dispatch records. On the surface, the delayed call to Benton Township appears suspicious. Why wasn’t Benton Township the first to be called for assistance? According to Michael Armitage, director at Eaton County Central Dispatch, as well as Wanda Darrow, city manager of the City of Potterville, the Potterville Fire Department has contracted mutual aid agreements with Charlotte and Windsor, but not Benton Township. “It’s their call to make. We dispatch them, but it’s their jurisdiction,” said Armitage. “They made requests based on mutual agreements, it’s their decision who they call for mutual aid.” Although Potterville and Benton Township have on different occasions aided each other...

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Each Christmas has its own meaning

In the Christian tradition, the Christmas season is often referred to as Advent. Advent means “the coming,” or “the arrival.” As a person of this particular faith tradition, I find the idea of a coming beautiful and purposeful. We celebrate Christmas at the end of the calendar year, yet Christmas, whether viewed in the context of faith or not, is a time of anticipation. Christmas itself is something we wait for eagerly. But Christmas is about a coming, or an arrival, not just an eager waiting. Celebrating Christmas at the end of the year is like a precursor to New Years, reminding us there are good things to come. Last Christmas I embraced the idea of Advent. The song “Oh come, Oh come Emmanuel” was played on repeat for several weeks as I looked back at 2016 eagerly waiting for it to end. Last Christmas I thought of Advent in a sort of twisted way. Although I understood the meaning last year, I was holding to Advent as a means of escape, of leaving behind, of running. As I’m sure many other people did, I desired a coming, an arrival of 2017 because I wanted an exit from uncomfortable and painful things. This year, however, I celebrate Advent in a way closer to the true definition. I’m excited not only to leave a year behind, but I’m excited for...

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Peckham’s Workforce Action Team comes through for two local families

Melissa Cummings has been blown away by the generosity shown by her Workforce Action Team members this holiday season. Cummings, a Workforce Action Team advisor at Peckham Inc. in Charlotte, said team members voted to have final donations for the company’s holiday giving program delayed a week to allow them to receive one more paycheck in which to acquire donations for two local families. “This is the most generous group of individuals,” Cummings said. “All of our team members give so freely.” The team chose to work with two organizations this year, making Christmas brighter for two area families....

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It’s a Charlotte Christmas!

With the holiday season fast approaching, what better way to bring about the wonderful joy of Christmas than spending some time at Charlotte’s very own Bennett Park? Dec. 23, Charlotte High School students and community members are hosting a fun-filled evening open to anyone and everyone. Between 4 and 7 p.m., there will be fun for the entire family. To participate, park at Bennett Park and enter the path that begins in the rear (east) parking lot. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and take a stroll through the lighted trails and admire the Christmas decorations. This will lead...

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Eaton Area Senior Center to sponsor fundraiser for CARA Jan. 19 — Copper & Shrift to Perform

Thanks to the continuous generous support from the Eaton Area Senior Center, the Charlotte Area Recycling Authority (CARA) will once again present an Italian Buffet Fundraiser event on Friday, Jan. 19, from 5 to 7 p.m., which will feature all you can eat spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, beverages and dessert. There will also be a 50/50 raffle. Special musical guests Copper & Shrift, who are kindly donating their time, are set to perform. Originally formed as a trio for a benefit concert in 2011, Charlotte-based Copper & Shrift has developed a small, but unenthusiastic local following for its acoustic performances of traditional American and Irish tunes. Its shows have benefited Camp Frances, the Charlotte Education Foundation, Charlotte Rotary Club, Eaton Area Senior Center and Relay for Life. These concerts have led to many requests over the years, but the duo keeps playing anyway. “We think we’re the perfect band to perform for CARA supporters,” said guitarist Lucky Copper, “as most of our songs are recycled.” CARA’s budget relies heavily on donations, grant monies, and the sale of recyclable materials. Every cent raised will help to ensure that CARA continues to operate. This is extremely important since recycling is an essential service to our community. Recycling conserves natural resources, reduces emissions from manufacturing items out of new materials, saves energy and helps ensure a cleaner future for generations to come....

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