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Month: June 2018

The Hen House celebrates 40 years in downtown Charlotte

Nancy Conn didn’t know she was creating an enduring legacy when she started the Hen House from her home on Pearl Street in Charlotte in 1976. Her eye for primitive fabrics and passion for quilting struck a chord with customers throughout Mid-Michigan and beyond. Finding success as a business owner, Nancy quickly moved the Hen House to downtown Charlotte before finding a permanent home at 211 S. Cochran Avenue in 1978. Nancy’s passion also caught the eye of Carolyn Rosier, who joined her staff more than a decade ago. Building upon her own passion for quilting and helping others...

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Passion, generosity revive Charlotte’s Camp Frances

Stepping inside Camp Frances, you would never know the facility had struggled for years to remain open. New paint, new flooring, a new kitchen complete with new appliances, and new restroom make the log cabin, built in the early 1950s, look like a completely new build. Camp Frances wasn’t much to look at, however, when Brenda Bly began renting it for family outings in 2012. She happened to come across it one day while walking the trails at Bennett Park, and noticed people gathered together, enjoying nature. Despite its appearance, the setting, the people, and the small cabin located...

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Annual Fly-In a Father’s Day staple in Charlotte for 32 years

Father’s Day is not complete in Charlotte without a stop out to Fitch H. Beach Municipal Airport for all you can eat pancakes. It’s a tradition that has endured for 32 years, and one that continues to grow both in size and popularity. Held this year on Sunday, June 17, from 7 to 11:30 a.m., the Father’s Day Fly In continues to create memories for local families with its variety of activities that satisfy, excite and entertain. The collaborative efforts of the Friends of Charlotte Airport and the Charlotte Rotary Club have helped revive an event that draws close...

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Bluegrass Festival appeals to music lovers of all ages

Wes Pettinger remembers falling in love with music at the Eaton County Fairgrounds. He was just a boy when his dad would take him to the Charlotte Bluegrass Festival each summer. There he found his passion for music as he wandered the grounds listening to the “parkin’ lot pickin’ that would take place throughout those June weekends. As promoter of the Charlotte Bluegrass Festival, which is the second longest-running festival east of the Mississippi, Wes hopes to pass that love of music on to the next generation. Beginning this weekend, folks from throughout the Midwest will start taking up...

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The wholeness of the flag

I’ve always been interested in different perspectives and interpretations of the American flag — what people think the colors represent, the place it holds in their hearts, how the country’s history influences their view, etc. Views are obviously wide ranging, with everything from a “treat it like you treat the Bible” policy to the “it’s just another piece of cloth” attitude. (I rarely meet people with the latter opinion, but every once in a while someone surprises me.) Flag Day is this weekend. (Weekend-ish. It was Thursday, June 14.) 2018 is an interesting year for Flag Day, and the American flag in general, I think. The whole country has been talking, pontificating, and indeed ranting about what does and does not disrespect the flag. Is standing during the National Anthem show more respect to Old Glory? Is kneeling during the anthem disrespectful? Does the flag only represent freedom and liberty, or does it also represent empiricism and oppression? Should the pledge still be said in school? Should we pledge allegiance to a flag at all? Difficult questions like those can be brushed away, as many Americans so often do. I can’t blame those who do either. The American flag is a historic symbol, weathered, resolute, and firm. For many it’s the banner of victory, justice, hope, and the longevity of the American dream. The same flag that rose up...

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