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Month: August 2018

Artist decorates Mason with floral murals

On the south side of the Kean’s building block in Mason, locals and visitors will see a 2018s summer addition lighting up the dingy alleyway. What was once a plain white wall is now decorated with graffiti art of some of Kean’s owner Theresa Wren’s favorite flowers. In just a couple weeks’ time the greater Mason area is abuzz with admiration for the new artwork. “I’ve been trying to paint the building for five years,” said Wren. “The alley has been white for 15 years. It just needed painting. The old paint was crumbling.” The need for an updated...

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Though Pray Funeral Home has evolved with the times, it still operates by the Golden Rule

The Pray family started in funeral service in 1921 when Ernest and Myron Pray were asked to join the local “Undertaking” and Furniture company in downtown Charlotte.  The partnership was built on the Golden Rule, “Treat families we serve as if they were our own family.” The Prays still conduct their service using the same philosophy. Three generations of the Pray family continue to serve the families of greater Eaton County.  Joe Pray Sr., Joe E. Pray, and Tyler Pray. Lori Pray serves as the business administrator.  Dana Pray, also a licensed funeral director, serves as board member and consultant. Over the years the Prays have seen many changes in funeral services.  Many services were conducted in the home of the deceased in the 20s.  In the 1940s buildings constructed to accommodate the crowds of mourners evolved. Prays have led many of the changes in funeral services. The most recent change is the emphasis of the funeral being the celebration of the treasured memories of a person’s life. Families bring in touchstone items, photos or mementos that have stories connected with them, to recall the memories of the deceased. These are arranged to tell the story of an individual’s life.  Services have included motorcycles, covered wagons, aircraft, and hot rods.  Webcasting accommodates family who are across the country. “We have developed our talents and the tools to create these...

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Downtown storefront a big step forward for PAE Plumbing

Family means everything to Charlotte business owner Tim Comer. His wife and three children have been the driving force behind decisions that have allowed PAE Plumbing to flourish since opening the business five years ago. Even the business name itself reflects the love he has for his children, Patrick, Anna, and Ella. When the opportunity to open a storefront in downtown Charlotte presented itself. Tim and wife, Natasha, knew it was the best decision for their family and the future of their business. “This is a big stepping stone,” Tim said from his new location at 119 S. Cochran Avenue in downtown Charlotte. “It’s nice to have everything in one location for our crews and out of my garage.” Tim and Natasha built the business from their Charlotte home, providing quality plumbing service locally. Now with six full-time crews servicing customers throughout the greater-Charlotte area. “We’re excited to have a spot in town,” Tim said. “I like the idea of having a place people can stop in and talk with us.” Tim said part of having a downtown location is the opportunity for a small showroom, which will allow the business to eventually add retail sales in the future. He said the plan is to set up small showcases that demonstrate the plumbing systems in a kitchen and bathroom. He said that all plumbing supplies his crews use on...

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Lea’s Auto Body: A family business focused on keeping families safe

Lea’s Auto Body has been a family owned and operated business in Charlotte for more than 30 years. They take pride in the work they do and do everything they can to ensure the customer is happy with their vehicle and that the vehicle is repaired to the best quality possible before it leaves their shop. Their philosophy is — “we work for the customer, not the insurance company.” They work with all insurance companies. They handle everything from complete body and paint repair to mechanical and everything in between. No job is too big or too small. They have their own wreckers as well, so they can help you out from beginning to end if you get into an accident. Lea’s Auto Body is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and nights and weekends by appointment. For more information, call (517) 543-2780. Call or stop in for a free...

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Kane Heating & Ventilating provides comfort, savings

For more than 65 years Kane Heating and Ventilating has brought its own sense of warmth to the Charlotte community. Joe Hubbard and Chad Lewis first learned about the business and its traditions in mid-1980s when they began working for owner, Frank Kane. In 1999, Joe, his wife Kathy, and Chad purchased Kane’s from Frank and his wife Bobbie with the idea of keeping the family tradition and providing a future for their children. The owners have continued to keep the family tradition. Currently Joe and Kathy’s daughter, Jenn works in the office as the service dispatcher, schedules service calls, locates and retrieves repair parts and also does the duct cleaning. In the past Kane’s has also employed two of Joe and Kathy’s others daughters, Jennifer and Antonia, granddaughter Alexis, who continues to help out when needed and son-in-law, Adam as well as Chad’s daughter, Courtney and sons, John and Chris. Chad’s other daughter, Haylee worked as a co-op student last year. Kane Heating & Ventilating is located at 504 Island Highway and offers Air Ease equipment, as well as a full custom sheet metal shop, fireplace showroom, a full line of installation services, service and repair parts for the professional and do-it-yourselfers. Kane also provides an experienced and knowledgeable service and installation staff for all service and installation of furnaces, air conditioning, ventilation, wood, gas and pellet stoves...

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