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Author: Adam Droscha

Community remembers Gaylord Edgerly

The people behind the scenes are often the people who deserve the most praise and recognition, yet they rarely get the applause they deserve. Often times that’s how those behind the scenes people want it. They prefer to work in humble quiet, out of sight and out of mind, getting work done that most other people wouldn’t think to do. At the Courthouse Square Museum, Gaylord Edgerly was one of those individuals. Always working, tinkering, and fixing whatever was of need, or whatever came to mind. March 15, 2018 Gaylord died at the age of 85. The beloved handyman...

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Gospel Fest 2018 planning underway

June 8 and 9 will be exciting days of music and carnival attractions in Potterville. The return of Gospel Fest is set to be just as exciting, more organized, more diverse than the first year, but with the same emphasis of family friendliness and community togetherness. Gospel Fest, Potterville’s homegrown music festival, was a new idea for 2017 after the announcement that Gizzard Fest would be discontinued. David Dickerson and son, Clint Dickerson, came together with a handful of other Potterville residents with the spark of an idea for a night or two of gospel-oriented music. The idea quickly escalated to a full festival, with carnival attractions, vendors, a parade, and more. The group formed their own 501c3 non-profit and started preparations for the festival. Much of the resources of the 2017 festival were on a volunteer basis, including musicians, some vendors, and carnival attractions, while other components were paid for by sponsors. Most of the 2018 festival will look the same as 2017’s trial run, with a few major and minor changes. Clint Dickerson, the music/talent curator of the festival, boasted this year of more diverse music, and perhaps larger platforms. Where last year the festival had primarily gospel and Contemporary Christian rock style music on one stage, this year he’s expanded the scope of styles, and hopes for an additional stage. Gospel Fest will present 18 bands...

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Bellevue Broncos win districts, Waterbury scores 1,000 points

The Bellevue varsity boys basketball team is the district champion after a 60-31 victory over Marshall Academy on Friday, March 9. The win against Marshall was testament to a season well played, and the foreshadowing of a promising regional fight. The Broncos tournament run, however ended Wednesday, March 14 with a loss to Marcellus Howardsville.  The team finished the 2017-2018 season, with a 22-2 record, holding 19 of those opposing teams at 40 points or less. After another sweeping victory against St. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic (64-29) Monday, March 12, head coach, Joe Costello, has high hopes for the...

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Potterville narrows superintendent search, public welcome to interviews

Saturday, March 24, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., the Potterville school board will interview the final five candidates for a new superintendent. Each interview will last about an hour, with a half hour break after the third interview. The interviews will take place at the high school media center, and are open to the public. “It allows stakeholders to have input,” said board president, Stacy Sipes, about the public interviews. “This is an exceptionally large undertaking.” While the interviews are open to the public, non-board members will have no time for verbal comment, according to Sipes. At the end of each interview the public will be allowed to write down comments and questions for the board, all of which will be reviewed by the board and taken into consideration for further interviews. According to Sipes, the board’s goal after the five interviews on March 24 will be to narrow down the candidates to two potentials. The superintendent application period and search closed Jan. 29, according to Sipes. The job was posted to the Michigan Association of School Boards,, and to the Potterville Potterville Public Schools website. According to Sipes there were no internal applicants from the Potterville school district. “It was not surprising to us… I don’t think we had any expectation or any kind of idea,” said Sipes about the lack of internal applicants. After the...

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Solar panel amendment tabled until June

Tuesday, March 6, the Eaton County Planning Commission met for a regular monthly meeting. However, the commissioner board chamber became standing room only as dozens of citizens came for public comment and support against DCA-3-18-2, which was “a comprehensive amendment to the Eaton County Land Development Code (Zoning Ordinance) to clarify the intent, update language, and improve comprehension.” The articles coming under the amendment were Article 5, Definitions and Interpretations (section 5.3.19 S), Article 7, Land Development Requirements (sections 7.3.4 and 7.6.4), and Article 14, Specific Provisions and Requirements (to add section 14.39 for Solar Energy Systems). Cutting through the jargon, the purpose of DCA-3-18-2 was to make room in the Land Development Code for solar energy developments, specifically that of Geronimo Energy, an energy company out of Minnesota attempting to develop 600 acres of farmland on the border of Benton and Oneida townships. The energy project has received significant opposition over the last year, initiating high attendance to township meetings in Benton Township, as well as citizen petitions. For over an hour the planning commission heard public comment in opposition to DCA-3-18-2 and the Geronimo project. Citizens from both Benton and Oneida townships spoke, as well as residents from other areas of the county. “We shouldn’t be developing good farmland,” “Solar panels can go elsewhere,” “I wouldn’t want to look at those solar panels,” were all frequent comments....

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