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Author: Adam Droscha

Country Mill allowed to return to East Lansing farmers market

The Country Mill, a favored local orchard, winery, and wedding venue in the Eaton County area, has been a hot topic in conversations of religious freedom, business, and LGBTQ discrimination for the last several months. When Steve Tennes, owner of the Country Mill, announced the reopening of the wedding venue side of the business with the exception of same-sex marriages, the City of East Lansing did not allow the favored vendor a spot at its farmers market. The Tenneses reluctantly decided to sue the City of East Lansing on the grounds of religious discrimination. A motion was filed to allow the Country Mill a place at the East Lansing farmers market while the case continues. Wednesday, Sept. 13 both sides made their arguments before federal district judge, Paul Maloney, and ultimately he sided with the Country Mill, thus allowing the business to return to the farmers market while the case continues. Judge Maloney released a written decision the following Friday, and the Country Mill was back at the East Lansing farmers market Sunday, Sept. 17. “We’re extremely happy the judge recognized the short window of harvest. We’ve already missed three and a half months of income at the largest farmers market we attend,” said Steve. The return to the East Lansing farmers market was met with both support and protest. Tennes noted the number of out-of-town buyers who drove...

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Morgan’s HUGS an inspiring charity for Eaton Rapids

Inspiring stories come from thousands of places. Everybody’s story is unique in its own way, but stories of people stepping out of their norm and comfort to help others are especially uplifting. They make us wonder how someone could give so sacrificially of themselves and be so centered on the needs of others. One story in Eaton Rapids is both inspiring and unexpected. Morgan Scarbro is 13 years old. She’s a student in Eaton Rapids, as well as a regular beauty pageant participant. She likes horses, spending time with friends, and other activities any normal teenager enjoys. But Morgan...

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New turf, coach, and culture for Olivet College football

2017 has been an exciting time for Olivet College football, and the entire athletic department. Early in the year two new head coaching positions were filled in Olivet College athletics, one of which was the position of head coach for the football team. Coach Dan Musielewicz, or “Moose” as some players and coworkers refer to him, took the position in January. Dan was formerly an offensive coordinator for the Olivet boys, and he’s been with the team for several years. He is thankful that the head coaching position was the only personnel change for the football staff. But for...

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Bellevue combines fire department and EMS

On July 1, the Village of Bellevue officially joined the fire department with its EMS. The combining of the two branches of emergency services had been in the works for several months. Mark Jordan, who’s been fire chief since January and a member of the department for 13 years, knew this was a task he wanted to accomplish quickly upon being named fire chief. It took the span of Jordan’s first few months as fire chief for the fire department to get approval from the townships, counties, and state. The reasoning behind the change is simple, according to Jordan....

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Burkhead-Green new owners, same commitment to relationships

For more than 100 years Burkhead-Green Funeral Home has served the greater Charlotte area. Charles and LeAnn Green have owned and operated the business since 1980, and in June of 2017 Scott and Charla Kilgo purchased the funeral home from the Greens. Charles, who had worked with Scott in the past, felt the Kilgos would be a good fit for the business and the Charlotte community. Scott has worked in the funeral planning business since he was 16 years old. Most recently he worked with Lux Funeral Homes, based out of Alma, Mich. Based on his previous experiences with...

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