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Author: Adam Droscha

Potterville prepares for 150th anniversary celebrations

2018 is set to have one of the biggest celebrations Potterville has seen in the last few years. In July the city will celebrate 150 years as a mid-Michigan community with a two-day festival of parades, carnivals, fireworks, history observance, and more. The planning for the celebration began in February of 2018 with the establishment of a planning committee and initial brainstorming. The planning committee for the celebration has created only a tentative schedule of events, but the dates for the event are Saturday, July 28 and Sunday, July 29. The tentative events and activities include a carnival, a vendor and craft show, a classic car and tractor show, a parade, period games, a walk through history, an evening block party, and fireworks on Saturday. Sunday is set for a continuation of the carnival and a possible ox roast and potluck, as well as more period games. For Potterville Mayor Katherine Schmidt, the event is less about the amount of activities themselves and more about the history and inclusiveness of the celebrations. “I am hoping that this event will help bring our community together in a fun, positive way. The goal of this event is to commemorate the sesquicentennial anniversary of the incorporation of our city with a weekend festival that honors our heritage and celebrates the best our community has to offer today,” said Schmidt. “We want this...

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Getting to know Bryan Epling, owner of Legacy Barber Shoppe

With dark wood, leather aprons, repurposed Jack Daniel’s barrels, beard oils, and straight razor shaves, Legacy Barber Shoppe is a he-man’s delight. Owned and operated by Bryan Epling, it encapsulates the sights and smells of a garage, a woodshop, and of course a barbershop while offering the gentle touch of a seasoned barber, and hometown welcome. Bryan is an Eaton Rapids native, who raised his own family in the Island City as well. After working for the Lansing Fire Department for 25 years Bryan retired and knew he wanted to attend barber school and take up the family trade:...

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The Island City sees highest river levels of the last 40 years

Michiganders know too well the harsh realities of lots of snow right before a warm spell. The melting snow combined with consistent, heavy rain in mid February left towns and homes across the state flooded and soggy. Eaton Rapids and its surrounding towns were not an exception. Flooded basements, rising river levels, and closed roads left Eaton Rapids residents wondering if the Island City would be Eaton County’s own Atlantis. While Eaton Rapids has seen worse flooding, 2018’s mid February rains and melting snow saw the highest river levels since 1975. But the city survived, in no small part...

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Donors and teens attend open house for Teen Center

Monday, Feb. 26, dozens of Eaton Rapids locals attended an open house at the Union Street educational building where they could go on brief tours of the new Eaton Rapids Teen Center while enjoying snacks and conversation. Through the specially designated entrance, visitors entered into a large room with a stage, couches, and a kitchenette space. There they were greeted by Aron Dubois, the recently hired Teen Center director. The enthusiasm in the room was both subtle and boiling over. Dubois and various members of the teen center board eagerly waited visitors, and took turns giving tours and explaining the vision for the center. While the center currently entertains three rooms, each room has its own purpose. The largest room where visitors entered was the main space, which will likely be the center of group activities, the study room equipped with laptops, and a mostly empty activities room. The study room, which is a shared space with the community backpack program, and the activities room are currently quite scant, and indeed not the most flattering in terms of esthetic, but Dubois has high hopes. He sees many possibilities for both, especially as the teens start coming in the next weeks and months. While he has vision for the spaces, his primary goal is to shape the rooms’ purposes according to what the teens need and want. Programs, workshops, clubs,...

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March is reading month, are you stretching your mind?

Post college I’ve tried to get back into activities and habits I had to forgo for the sake of time. Along with getting more sleep and watching a little more TV in the evenings, I’ve been working myself back into the habit of regularly reading books. In 2017 I set some reading goals, very few of which I achieved, but by the end of the year I had read 12 books during my free time, which was 12 more books than I’d read start to finish all of college. (That’s assigned reading included. Forewarning for new college students, your professors will assign a lot of books you won’t actually need.) I worked through a few Dietrich Bonhoeffer biography books and one of his most famous works, “Cost of Discipleship.” I read the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, “A Casual Vacancy” by J.K. Rowling, “The Hobbit,” “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens, “Finding God in the Waves” by Mike McHargue, and a couple of others. Bonhoeffer showed me the importance of suffering, Ben Franklin showed me the value of hard and diverse work and education, Rowling showed me the interconnectedness of everyone’s stories, Tolkien continues to show me the beauty of adventure and imagination, Dickens showed me why not to live by others’ expectations of me, and McHargue echoed my own struggle of faith by explaining the importance of spiritual journey. Each...

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