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Author: Adam Droscha

Olivet Bands receive top ratings and placements in competitions

Saturday, Oct. 7 was a chaotic, wet, and triumphant day for the Olivet High School marching band. According to band director Dave Funk, the roughly 100-student band weathered (no pun intended) storms, a bus breaking down, and no warm up before the Vicksburg Invitational. The band arrived, performed, left, and then unloaded their equipment in the rain. Challenges aside, the band was outstanding. The Olivet marching band scored a 90, won every caption of the competition, and took first place in their class C division. What’s more is this year was the band’s first time attending the Vicksburg Invitational. Like a battle hardened troop the band arrived to the festival, kicked butt, and left. (Mic drop) “The kids did a great job, and I was proud of how they handled the adversity of the day,” said Funk. He was humbly impressed with his students. They acted and performed professionally through all of the day’s obstacles, and he believes they’re as ready as they can be for their next and final competition of the season. Saturday, Oct. 21 the Olivet marching band is participating in a marching festival at East Kentwood High School. Olivet has attended the East Kentwood festival for several years, and every couple of years they step up their game. According to Funk, Olivet is one of the only bands of their size in the Class A...

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Place making meeting sparks Eaton Rapids’ creativity

Monday, Oct. 16 members of the Eaton Rapids Arts Council, city employees, local business owners, and Eaton Rapids creatives gathered in the city council chambers at City Hall to participate in a presentation from the Greater Lansing Arts Council. “Creating Place” was an opportunity to learn about how the Greater Lansing Arts Council rejuvenated Old Town Lansing, what they’re still doing to bring artistic life to the Lansing area, and how Eaton Rapids can breathe life into the community through art. About 20 people from Eaton Rapids listened to the presentation from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing and...

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Eaton Rapids High School students present Holocaust Memorial

The fear of any society and generation should be forgetting the atrocities and horrors committed by humans in the past. Diminishing in any way how devastating and tragic genocides, wars, and attacks were to the world is a crime in itself. The Eaton Rapids High School English 12-A Class takes time each school year for a study on the Holocaust. In this portion of the class students create artistic presentations, replicas, and models of images, places, and key features of the Holocaust. Starting Monday, Oct. 9 the public was welcome to visit Eaton Rapids High School to view the...

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Brothers finally play football together

To most people it may not seem like a big deal that two junior high aged brothers got to play a game of football together. But for 13 year old Connor Benton and his 10 year old brother Cole Tuesday October 3 was a big day. October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and Cole Benton has Down syndrome. “I have a child with special needs, but I don’t think of him that way. I just think of him as special,” said Michelle Benton, mother of Cole and Connor. Michelle considered it a privilege to have her two boys finally playing football together in a real game. Her husband, Craig Benton, coaches youth football in Eaton Rapids. They thought it was finally time to see their boys playing on the same field. Craig coordinated the game with Matt Rhode, the coach for the 8th grade boys football team in Olivet. Although Cole’s role in the game was running a few plays at the end, Michelle and Craig and the rest of the family consider it a blessing to witness Connor the quarterback handing off the ball to his younger brother so he can run it to the end zone. Cole was the star offensive player, the Olivet boys played their defense, the cheerleaders shouted Cole’s name, and the Benton family watched proudly as Cole scored. Beyond the hype of a...

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Local veteran participates in Washington DC honor flight

About one year ago David Ballard sent an application to the Honor Flight Network on behalf of his father, Jim Ballard, who is a Korean War veteran. The Honor Flight Network takes applications of veterans from WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War and selects applicants to participate in a day long tour of the monuments and memorials in Washington D.C. In August Jim received a call letting him know he had been selected for a fall 2017 Honor Flight, and he and Dave were off. The Honor Flight Network covers the cost of flights and meals of...

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