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Author: Adam Droscha

Main Street Eatery opens in Bellevue

Monday, July 9 was the official opening of Main Street Eatery in downtown Bellevue. For several months Bobbi Easter and her team have worked to transform the small space on the east side of Main Street into a quaint and welcoming village diner and bakery, with home-style food complimented by Bobbi’s unique touches and twists. With a diverse menu and only a week of being open, Main Street Eatery has all the potential and new-business obstacles ahead of it. The last hump before the restaurant’s opening was an inspection from the health department. By Friday, July 6 Bobbi’s anticipation...

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Bellevue Athletic Boosters ready for 24th annual car, truck, and motorcycle show

Friday, July 13 through Sunday, July 15, downtown Bellevue will host one of the biggest car, truck, and motorcycle shows in the area, according to organizer Wayne Root. The weekend is a fundraiser for the Bellevue Athletic Boosters, one that will help the organization buy new jerseys, pay for leadership courses, and fund trips to tournaments. But the fundraising is hardly the biggest selling point or focus of the weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be full of family friendly and fun activities. Friday evening is the kickoff for the weekend fun. At 6 p.m. will be a cornhole...

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Beloved Dimondale restaurant to reopen

With a sigh of relief and a round of applause, residents of Dimondale, and the surrounding areas, celebrated at Mike’s Village Restaurant Wednesday, June 27 as Lori Conarton announced she’d be reopening the Dimondale favorite. For 50 years Mike’s was a staple of the village of Dimondale, serving baked goods and homestyle fare. Dimondalians knew owner Mike Chappell and his staff and took comfort in the food, friendliness, and simplicity. Many, far and wide, were saddened when Mike announced he’d be closing the restaurant, and Conarton was one of the many. Saddened by the news as she was, Conarton decided to let the announcement be the catalyst for fulfilling one of her lifelong dreams — to own her own local diner, especially one she was familiar with. Conarton and her mother were regulars at Mike’s, and she couldn’t stand the thought of losing another gem of Dimondale’s main street, especially one that had lasted in the village through many storms and changing times. “The day he (Mike) made the announcement, I started thinking about it,” said Conarton. It wasn’t long before she and Chappell had made arrangements. Pieces are currently in motion to have the same, familiar restaurant reopened in August. Many familiar faces and dishes will return to Mike’s, but a few things will be different. Mike’s will have a facelift, with new paint and flooring. The hours...

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Olivet College camp offers tournaments and clinics for young wrestlers

Sunday, June 24 through Tuesday, June 26 Olivet College hosted the annual summer wrestling camp. Directed by Olivet College head wrestling coach Brandon Brissette, student wrestlers from around the state attended to receive top-notch instruction, attend clinics with well-known wrestlers, and participate in tournaments. Just over 100 students from elementary school to high school ages attended the 2018 camp, and Brissette believes it was one of the best camps they’ve had since he started as head coach 10 years prior. The Olivet College wrestling camp has been going on since the late 1960s. The number of students who have...

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Declare this 4th of July

Sometimes I wonder if the Founding Fathers had any inkling that the 4th of July would become a day of national celebrating with fireworks, parades, and hotdogs. (I’m sure if they thought about future celebrations it didn’t include the hotdog.) More so, I wonder if they assumed such a national holiday would become cheapened, not just by activities and leisure, but by the attitude of countrymen and women who despise each other, and have little respect for each other’s liberties. I’ve written several columns about the current national climate, politically, societally, and indeed morally. I’m by no means an authority on these topics. Reporters, strictly speaking, aren’t necessarily authorities. But we are observers- observers of attitudes, patterns, communication, and happenings. As I continue to observe the national state of affairs, my optimism that our country can overcome its ideological, political, and philosophical divides continues to diminish… Until I read about the lives, opinions, and positions of the Founding Fathers themselves, anyway. Those men who painstakingly drafted the Declaration of Independence, and carved the foundations of our democracy and freedoms out of human barbarism, were not always unified. Their opinions on government, loyalty, religion, public life, and indeed personal freedom were diverse and divided. They squabbled, bickered, and spewed vitriol at each other with a tenacity that would put today’s Twitter battles to shame. In spite of their division, the...

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