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Author: Adam Droscha

Bellevue family champions of draft horse competition

Thursday, Sept. 13 through Saturday, Sept. 15, was a horse competition few Michiganders were probably aware was taking place. At the Oklahoma State Fair Grounds, however, was a family from Bellevue, Mich. with their six horses for the Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series World Finals. Doyle and Rene had been to the competition before, and even won the previous year, but they were back for the three-day competition determined for another title. Rene is certain her horses were too. The Dingmans have owned horses since the 80s, and shown their horses since the 90s. Both Rene and Doyle grew up...

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Charlotte Athletic Hall of Fame honors first inductees

It’s a snowstorm in 1957. It’s early in the year for a white out of the kind, and one can tell because there’s a high school football game being played. The boys are cold, they can barely see the field through the fresh powder, and quickly they can see nothing at all. The lights go out around the field, plunging the game into darkness. The refs pause the game, and the Charlotte High School team goes back to the bus to warm up their hands and collect themselves. If the lights come back on they’ll finish out the game,...

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City officials comment on former city manager’s dismissal

Tuesday, Aug. 28 the Potterville City Council moved to remove the city manager, Wanda Darrow, with cause, despite her submission of resignation. The move by the council followed a lengthy meeting, during which the council publically reviewed a 15-page document from the law firm Foster Swift, which represents the City of Potterville, that listed the findings of a month long investigation into the city manager’s conduct within her role with the city. The findings of the investigation included mismanagement, and theft of city funds, theft of city property, mismanagement of city employees, and inappropriate handling of public records. The thefts pertained specifically to the former city manager’s son, Eddie Darrow. For more in depth coverage of the investigation’s findings, readers can read the article titled “Potterville city council moves to remove city manager with cause” from the September 1, 2018 issue of the County Journal. The document from Foster Swift can also be found online. After hearing a dozen or so letters from community members defending Darrow’s character, and before the meeting closed, city council members weighed in briefly with their thoughts on the investigation and appropriate action moving forward. While the vote to remove Darrow from the position of city manager was unanimous, there was some debate as to whether or not she should be removed with cause. Councilman Duston Twichell was the first to weigh in. “Although...

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Olivet College hosts music festival

Saturday, August 25, several Michigan based musicians, bands, and artists came to the Olivet College campus to play for the college’s first music festival. The artists who performed at the festival included Munch, Tiger and Frame, Soul Brother Stef, Modern Adventures, Michigander, Mikeyy Austin, Hope Waidley, and 3D Wright. Olivet college senior Zachary Oshinsky was the student who thought of the idea for the festival, and he believes the effort was a good move for the college and the town. “Overall I think it was a success and step in right direction for the college and Olivet. A city...

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Potterville city council moves to remove city manager with cause

Tuesday, Aug. 28 the Potterville City Council held a special, open meeting to go over the findings of an investigation conducted by city attorneys, and to determine the status of City Manager Wanda Darrow’s employment. Upon reviewing the 15-page document of the investigation’s findings, compiled and presented by the city’s attorney Michael Homier of Foster Swift, the city council voted unanimously to remove Darrow from her position as city manager, with cause, despite the submission of her resignation via her attorney, Linda Widener. Darrow was not present at the Aug. 28 meeting. Thursday, July 19 the city council adopted a “Preliminary Resolution to Remove City Manager and Conduct Investigation” because of complaints brought forward by a city employee. The investigation was conducted to find whether the “City Manager has committed misfeasance, malfeasance and/or nonfeasance in office, made misrepresentations to City Council, neglected her duties as City Manager, or violated the City’s Code and Charter.” The council determined after the meeting the city manager engaged in one or more of the mishandlings of her office and duties: • Mismanagement, misappropriation, or grossly negligent supervision of funds in the City’s Rural Development bank accounts. • Misrepresentation to City Council with the intent to defraud in connection with the City’s Rural Development/Community Facilities bank account. • Mismanagement, misappropriation, or grossly negligent supervision of funds in the Tax Increment Finance Authority bank account....

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