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Author: Adam Droscha

Bellevue students make mural for their hometown

For the last four years Audrey Haddock’s art classes have made murals for the village of Bellevue. The murals aren’t huge, but they’re presented on a roadside billboard off Main Street and Sherwood. The murals have taken several images and designs in the last few years, created by various students of each high school grade. This year, as the school year comes to a close, passersby will see a new mural displaying an underwater view of clown fish swimming in a reef. According to Haddock, the main work of the mural is not about what is on the billboard,...

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Trivium Salon opens in Eaton Rapids

Many Eaton Rapids residents will recognize the small building at 400 S. Main Street. It’s been home to a number of businesses over the years and is now proudly occupied by the Island City’s newest hair styling attraction, Trivium Salon. Owned by Harmony and Scott Lindsey, Trivium has been a long time coming, and is set for a grand opening the week of June 11. Harmony and Scott are not longtime residents of Eaton Rapids. The couple lived in Lansing for a number of years and decided to move somewhere more quiet and rural about a year and a half ago, according to Harmony. The husband and wife pair is educated in cosmetology, but have worked outside the industry for the last several years. Harmony was a stay at home mom after a seven-year stint with a Lansing based Salon. She was the head of the in-salon education by the end of her employment, but felt like she had reached the peak of her momentum there. “It makes sense that salon ownership was the next step,” said Harmony. “I don’t think I ever found a place that was exactly where I wanted to be.” Scott owned his own salon in Haslett at one time, but has likewise followed other career endeavors. After moving to Eaton Rapids, however, Harmony especially believed it was time to get back into salon work...

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Eaton Rapids joins Ingham County for 2018 Relay for Life

In 2017 Eaton Rapids, Mason, Leslie, and Dansville joined forces for a combined Relay for Life event. This year, June 15 and 16, the aforementioned communities will join the whole of the Ingham County Relay for Life teams. East Lansing and Holt will join in the 18-hour relay around the Ingham County Courthouse to raise awareness, funds, and community support in the fight against cancer. Relay for Life was started over 30 years ago by Gordy Klatt, a lone walker/runner who stayed up for 24 hours in honor of those who died and still fought in the battle against cancer. He started a nation-wide effort to aid research in the pervasive disease that effect millions every year. Today, Relay for Life still raises millions of dollars for cancer research through the American Cancer Society. However, Relay for Life events all over the country continue to shrink in size and participation, which is why the Ingham County event joined forces with Mason and Eaton Rapids areas. “It really is a community event,” said Senior Community Development Manager Grace Kozak. “It’s whole communities fighting against cancer.” Relay for Life events range from six to 24 hours now, with some events, like Ingham County’s, meeting somewhere in the middle. Walking, running, rolling, or moral support take place at the relays representing the relentlessness of cancer in the lives of its victims and...

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Remembering Reverend Timothy Olson

For the many who may not have heard, Rev. Timothy Olson, pastor of First Lutheran Church of Charlotte, died unexpectedly the morning of Wednesday, May 29. His death was a result of a car accident, and the shock of the news spread quickly among family, close friends, congregants and churchgoers, and a community that recognized him as an upstanding family man and follower of Christ. Timothy, or Tim, as many called him, brought his family to Charlotte several years ago so he could fill the pastorate at First Lutheran Church. His wife, Chris, two daughters, Rebekah and Rachel, and...

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Eaton Rapids Middle School receives Dart Foundation Grant

During spring break of 2018, Eaton Rapids Public Schools got some good news. After a lengthy process of researching and grant writing, the Dart Foundation selected Eaton Rapids to be the recipient of a $125,000 grant. The money will be used to implement a science and technology curriculum called IQWST (Investigating and Questioning the World through Science and Technology). Dart Foundation Manager Emily Matthews approached the Eaton Rapids school board in spring of 2017. According to Superintendent Bill DeFrance, the foundation was looking to expand its grant opportunities for local schools. “The foundation approached us. That says a lot...

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