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Author: Adam Droscha

Staying active in the Island City

“Big city amenities with small town values,” said Eaton Rapids mayor, Paul Malewski. The statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to staying active in Eaton Rapids during the summer months. The Island City has dozens of places, events, activities, and projects in which to get involved during the summer. From parks, to holidays, to building projects, there’s something for citizens of all ages to be involved and be active. The first question every new spring and summer is, “What is there?” Where can one go? What’s outdoors? Where are the best places? The good thing is there are...

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The wholeness of the flag

I’ve always been interested in different perspectives and interpretations of the American flag — what people think the colors represent, the place it holds in their hearts, how the country’s history influences their view, etc. Views are obviously wide ranging, with everything from a “treat it like you treat the Bible” policy to the “it’s just another piece of cloth” attitude. (I rarely meet people with the latter opinion, but every once in a while someone surprises me.) Flag Day is this weekend. (Weekend-ish. It was Thursday, June 14.) 2018 is an interesting year for Flag Day, and the American flag in general, I think. The whole country has been talking, pontificating, and indeed ranting about what does and does not disrespect the flag. Is standing during the National Anthem show more respect to Old Glory? Is kneeling during the anthem disrespectful? Does the flag only represent freedom and liberty, or does it also represent empiricism and oppression? Should the pledge still be said in school? Should we pledge allegiance to a flag at all? Difficult questions like those can be brushed away, as many Americans so often do. I can’t blame those who do either. The American flag is a historic symbol, weathered, resolute, and firm. For many it’s the banner of victory, justice, hope, and the longevity of the American dream. The same flag that rose up...

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Eaton Rapids varsity softball team advances to state semifinals

2018 has been an exciting season for the Eaton Rapids varsity softball team. Undefeated in league play, and with a record of 36 and 6, the greyhound girls have given every team a run for their money with what head coach Scott Warriner calls “a scrappiness they’ve had all year.” Saturday, June 9 at the regional championship games, the varsity team took Flint Powers Catholic in an 11-3 game, and then won the regional title in an 11-1 win over Owosso. In the quarterfinal game Eaton Rapids played against Flat Rock, who got the jump on the greyhounds until...

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Eaton Rapids Teen Center to receive grant from AT&T

2018 is the first real year in the life of the newly established Eaton Rapids Teen Center. It’s the first year the teens have a building to go to. It’s the first year there’s a center director, and it’s the first year of real programming. Everything was planning for 2018 when teens would actually be able to dig in and discover something new about themselves and their community. Teen center director, Aron Dubois, came in and followed suit of the planners and the teens to find new and creative ways to engage teens with their skills and talents. But, as with all things, money makes things happen. The donations to the teen center have been copious and gracious to be sure, but there are a number of factors to consider for the teen center, one of which is funding for programming. Dubois has fortunately been approached by several members of the community who are willing to offer time and resources to work with students on projects, hands on training, and trades they may not have tried. Still, there are big dreams that have gone into the teen center, and big dreams and ideas require investment. In March Eaton Rapids city councilman, Chad Burke, approached Dubois about a possible grant opportunity from AT&T. The grant was big, and those kinds of dollars had the potential to push the teen center...

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Summer hair care tips from Linda’s salon

Summer can be both the most-welcome time of year, and the harshest time of year. Those bright days at the beach so longed for during the winter months can easily turn to visits of discomfort, and regretful days of sunburn and irritation. While many are cautious to take care of skin during the summer, it’s easy to overlook, or be misinformed about, hair care. The summer sun, heat, humidity, pool and ocean water, and dirt can be hard on the scalp and hair. Fortunately, Linda Maurer, owner of Linda’s Salon, has a few simple ways to keep hair moisturized, clean, and protected throughout the summer months. Farming, gardening, off-roading, hanging out at the beach, and more can get one all sorts of dirty during the summer. The scalp and hair aren’t immune to the dust and the dirt, so showering, shampooing, and scrubbing the right way can get out pesky grains of sand and deeply caked dirt off the follicles and hair. Linda recommends, after a long day of sweat and dirt, shampooing twice during a shower. The first shampoo will loosen up the dirt and grime, and the second wash will actually get the hair clean. Moisturizing is also a crucial step to keep hair healthy during the summer. The sun and heat dry out hair and skin. Applying moisturizer after shampooing will help keep hair moisturized. Linda’s...

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