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Author: Carla Bumstead - Editor

Eaton Rapids artists create unique furniture

Deb Malewski Contributing Writer When they are not designing and creating upscale, custom landscaping, Nathan Brown and D.J. Waters are busy creating unique pieces of art that also serve as furniture. The two men have found a new creative outlet and are designing “river tables” — which are composed of objects from nature with pourable resin. They’ve received international attention for their work. The two men work together in Brown’s landscaping company, The Turf Jockeys. They both hail from Eaton Rapids and had a mutual connection through wrestling when they were in school. Waters comes from a family of...

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Charlotte’s Camp Frances, and fans, are true treasures

Douglas M. Hoy Contributing Columnist Its name is Camp Frances and let me re-introduce you to this marvelous local facility, part of the past and the caretakers of its future. These two women are lifelong residents and are involved with its past and where the future may lead. Mary Hall is a multi-decade Camp Frances board member and volunteer to many young women who have grown up in Charlotte. Likewise, Cathy Bogner also has lived in Charlotte all her life, been part of the Camp Frances heritage and is a devoted board member. When Charlotte leased the land in...

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ASPPIRE offers crucial help with social skills to those with disabilities

Isabelle Whiting Contributing Writer Social skills are extremely important for anyone wishing to lead a happy, productive life. But these skills can be a hard thing to learn if, for any reason, they don’t come naturally. For those with disabilities, learning these skills can be especially challenging. That’s where the nonprofit organization known as ASPPIRE can help — big time. Maria Peak, who has served as ASPPIRE’s director since 2014, explains the organization was founded for the purpose of helping those with disabilities develop and maintain these crucial skills. She also stresses that the importance of these skills should...

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Church windows offer ‘enlightened’ sense of reverence

Amy Jo Parish Contributing Writer Glass making was the first industry set up in America in Jamestown in 1607, according to the Stained Glass Association of America. From those early beginnings, stained glass grew and came to adorn churches and temples. Since its dedication on December 20, 1903, the Lawrence Avenue United Methodist Church in Charlotte, has shown the light on a number of colorful creations of glass, each telling part of a story. Tyler Hamlet is the office assistant at the church and said the colored glass holds history within its panes and tells a deeper tale of...

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Charlotte native hitting on all cylinders

Isabelle Whiting Contributing Writer Charlotte native Dave Shuten is currently in California fulfilling his dreams of working at the top level in the world of custom cars and hot rods. Shuten grew up in Charlotte, where he developed an interest in cars. He said it started with Hot Wheels and then moved on to model cars. Eventually, when he was a young teenager, he turned to full-size cars. He said he has always been inspired by famous car builders that he read about in magazines, like Ed Roth, George Barris, Dean Jeffries and a few others. He has also...

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