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Author: Travis Silvas

Fuller Street Elementary empowering students through personal mastery

Students at Fuller Street Elementary School have taken ownership of their education thanks to the process of Personal Mastery introduced to the school by the Re-Inventing Schools Coalition (RISC). Working alongside Personal Mastery Coach, Heather Bross, teachers at the elementary school have created an educational model suited to Fuller students that allows them to work at their own pace and level to master each common core standard. Each classroom has developed its own “big goal” to reach, which was established through a shared vision created by the students. In addition to learning the basics, the personal mastery model includes a Code of Cooperation or ROAR, which stands for Responsibility, Orderly, Assistive and Respectful. Students establish a proficiency scale that helps them monitor their own behavior. “Unpacking each trait with students allows for the dialogue of each to go deep asking questions like; ‘what does being responsible look like, sound like, and feel like?,’” said Bross, who is a former educator at Maple Valley Schools.. “The Code of Cooperation leads directly back to the Shared Vision…following the code allows us to reach our goals.” Teachers at Fuller Street attended six days of hands-on training before incorporating personal mastery into the curriculum. “I am very proud of the progress that is being made,” Bross said. “Fuller is focused on meeting each students needs through individualizing learning in the classroom.” Teachers work...

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Local mentors bring entrepreneurial opportunity to Charlotte youth

Serving as chair of Charlotte Area Networking for Development and Opportunity (Can Do!) for the last year has brought several things to light for John Bailey. One of which is the importance of the Charlotte community growing its own economic base locally and regionally. It’s one of the reasons he found Generation E Institute (GenEI), a Battle Creek-based non-profit that offers youth entrepreneurial education programs and consulting services, so appealing. Bailey was one of three local mentors, along with Laurie Newland and Rick Todd that recently completed training to become certified to teach the GenEI curriculum. Generation E, through a collaborative effort with Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) and AL!VE, secured a grant to provide training for up to 54 people in the tri-county area. Locally, Bailey, Newland and Todd are eager to share their knowledge with local youth. The three are inviting all middle and high school-aged youth to attend an informational meeting Jan. 16 at 6:30 p.m. at AL!VE to learn more about Generation E Institute and how students can create their own small businesses. The plan is to establish an eight-week program aimed at cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit within youth in Charlotte. The program will be set up to run in February and March and will be tailored to fit the needs of those attending the Jan. 16 meeting. The program teaches students the ins and...

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Skateboarding Mrs. Claus comes to life in new book

It’s no big secret how Santa Claus spends his time. But, have you ever wondered what Mrs. Claus does all year? Charlotte native, Ally Grabel, has a theory — she skateboards. In fact, Grabel portrays the skateboarding Mrs. Claus throughout the year at various events, including this past year at Common Ground Festival in Lansing. Her portrayal has become such an attraction that Grabel figured it was time to give Mrs. Claus a more prominent role during the holidays, releasing the book Mrs. Claus Skateboards at the Modern Skate Park. The children’s book showcases how Mrs. Claus uses skateboarding to teach all of her holiday friends about playing together. The idea to dress up as Mrs. Claus came about during a fundraiser when she thought it would be fun to dress up and play Christmas music on her guitar while dropping on a half-pipe. She found it got a decent response from the crowd. However, she said she never felt comfortable asking for donations just to watch her skate. So, she came up with idea to create a coloring book depicting Mrs. Claus on her skateboard. The idea evolved from a simple coloring book to a full story for children. “The book teaches children that everyone can have fun together,” Grabel said. She will be at Modern Skate Park in Royal Oak this Saturday, Dec. 21 from 1 to...

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Volunteers relish chance to bring Santa to life

SourceURL:file:///Volumes/Data/SERVER/Editorial/12.21.13/Charlotte/Christmas%20Kiddies%20Santas.doc Some wait a long time for the opportunity. Most never give it up when they get the chance. That’s how 15-year Charlotte volunteer firefighter Kris Hulsebos sees it anyway. When he joined the Charlotte Fire Department 15 years ago there were several volunteers in front of him with a stranglehold on the Santa Claus position — a role he has served in for the last five years as part of the Christmas Kiddies program. Hulsebos waited 10 years before a spot opened. “I’m not giving that spot up until I’m officially retired,” Hulsebos said. “When I started there were guys that had been Santa for 20 or 25 years. Some of them had a really tough time giving it up.” Hulsebos said he understands why. For those who fit the mold, playing the role of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve is an extremely rewarding experience. “It’s been awesome,” said Jeff Wertz, who has been a Christmas Kiddies Santa for nearly five years. “It’s been eye opening, but to see the kids’ faces when they see Santa walking up to the house … it’s amazing.” The department’s volunteers have kept this nearly 100-year tradition alive in Charlotte, giving up Christmas Eve with their families in order to spread joy throughout the Charlotte area. This year, volunteers will head out Christmas Eve to make stops at nearly 500 homes to...

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New location working out nicely for SIREN/Eaton Shelter

Thomas Eveland took a moment Tuesday, Dec. 10 to reflect on the humble beginnings of SIREN/Eaton Shelter. He was asked 24 years ago by then director, Nancy Oliver to chair an advisory board for the county’s new shelter. The decision to take her up on that offer is one he looked back on with pride as he welcomed community members to tour SIREN/Eaton Shelter’s new facility during a special open house Tuesday night. “The Shelter and this SIREN group have done wonderful things for the community,” Eveland said. “I couldn’t have imagined where we’d end up when we started...

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