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Author: Travis Silvas

Charlotte dancers shine on Orange Bowl stage

The line of people cheering and high-fiving the dancers as the prepared to take the field during halftime of the Orange Bowl could have led you to believe the audience was here just for that moment. It was the biggest stage any of the eight Charlotte dancers had ever taken and they were absolutely ready. “Sure we were nervous, but we knew what we were supposed to do,” said local dancer Catherine Diebold, who was one of eight dancers from The Dance Studio in Charlotte to be invited to perform during halftime of the Jan. 3 Orange Bowl in...

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New martial arts program geared toward keeping seniors moving

Scott Kramer has been fascinated with Asian philosophies for most his life. It was this fascination that led him to find one of his great passions while attending college at Grand Valley — martial arts. Since taking his first class in Charlotte more than 30 years ago, martial arts have remained an integral part of his life. He has progressed to 2nd and 3rd degree black belt in three martial arts disciplines and has trained in several others. He has also taught classes in the Charlotte and Lansing area for years. Gaining a complete grasp of the benefits and...

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Middle School swim team lays foundation for future varsity sport

Charlotte Middle School swim team coaches Steve Kineman and Dana Kirk look around and see opportunity everywhere. Opportunity lies within the Charlotte Aquatic Center, which they both agree is one of the finest aquatic centers in Mid-Michigan. Opportunity also lies within the 19 swimmers that make up the middle school swim team. Those 19 athletes represent the future. This is just the second year of existence for the middle school swim team, but Kineman sees the past two years as the foundation for something bigger. “Our goal is to have a varsity swim team next year with a girls...

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Grant money generated from Generosity Celebration reaches across Eaton County

A part of John Gaedert’s philosophy on generosity was about many people coming together in a small way to make a difference in the lives of many. Part of his love for the newspaper industry was its ability to affect so many people in a positive way. One of the first Charlotte Generosity Fund grants, generated from the annual John Gaedert Generosity Celebration, is the perfect example of how John’s philosophy can be brought to life. A collaborative effort among the Eaton County Treasurer’s Office, Housing Services for Eaton County (HSEC) and Olivet College is helping to reach residents in Eaton County who are at risk of tax foreclosure. The collaborative received a $1,000 grant from the Charlotte Generosity Fund this past year, which helped pay for postage to send out mailings to at risk citizens. The mailings provided information on how people could get help to avoid tax foreclosure. “The collaboration with the Generosity Fund has been a big part of our efforts,” said Eaton County Treasurer Bob Robinson. “These funds were used to inform people about the free services that are available in Eaton County.” Denise Dunn, executive director of HSEC said the partnership with the Treasurer’s office has helped the non-profit reach individuals at risk of tax foreclosure. Previously, her office dealt primarily with mortgage foreclosure issues. “We didn’t have a resource to reach people on...

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Staff at Bellevue Elementary shows students exactly what a fox says

Students at Bellevue Elementary School had no idea what was about to take place when they filed into the gymnasium for the annual Holiday Hoopla on Dec. 19, just before Christmas break. Things were just getting underway when a familiar tune started pumping from the speakers. The song, What Does The Fox Say — a viral sensation that has flooded the Internet this past year — grabbed their full attention. As if the music wasn’t enough, staff member after the next, each donning the appropriate animal costume, came flying into the gym. By the end, 23 staff members had performed a full-on flash mob style rendition of the song that had students standing up to dance along. “We do different things throughout the year … monthly Jr. Broncos celebrations,” said Scott Belt Bellevue Community Schools superintendent and Bellevue Elementary School principal.  “I’ve always had the philosophy that you work really hard and there is a time to play too. Kids need to see that.” The staff certainly played hard during the assembly. Following the lead of At Risk parapro Shawn Holt — who also teaches dance and physical fitness classes — all but two teachers participated in the choreographed dance number. Holt said she came up with the idea to do something fun for the kids after she offered to run a physical fitness boot camp for teachers after...

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