On Thursday, March 17, the Charlotte Community Library Board of Trustees passed a resolution that will ask the community to vote at the Aug. 2 primary election to renew the Library’s operating millage. The Board is asking the community to renew the current operating millage of .9 mils, with an increase of .5 mils, for a total of 1.4 mils.
This is the first request for a millage increase in almost 20 years.
Library Board Treasurer Keith Tirrell explained, “Property taxes are flat and will continue this way for several years to come. In spite of all our efforts to hold down costs, expenses are going up. We cannot maintain our programs and activities with our current income.”
Charlotte’s Library began over 100 years ago. Twenty years ago, the Charlotte Community Library became a district library with a voter approved .9 millage. That amount was renewed 10 years ago and is now due for voter renewal to take effect in 2017. District libraries such as Charlotte Community Library must have a voter-approved millage to provide service.
The Charlotte Community Library provides many services in addition to the expansive collection of books. Children’s and adult programs, computers and computer classes, meeting rooms, internet and wireless access, copy and fax services are only a few of the offerings.
Board President Mary Sloan stated, “Millage revenue is the only predictable source of funding upon which a library bases its financial operation. Operating at the current rate would have our Library in a deficit situation with expenses exceeding the millage income.  In order to provide the quality service the community expects, the Board of Trustees is requesting the community continue its support of our Library with a .5 mil increase. This will assure both fiscal stability and the ability to meet the current and future needs of the community through its Library over the next 10 years.”
The Board of Trustees encourages interest, welcomes discussion and asks for continued community support. Please contact Jim Oliver, Library Director, or any of the Board of Trustees. Contact information is available on the Library website: charlottelibrary.org.

Article submitted by Charlotte Community