The Impact New Business Award is given to a hard working business or business owner who has taken over or opened a new business in the last five years. The winner of this award is always very well known throughout the community, often seen as succeeding in more than just business, but truly harnessing the passion of success throughout the community.  This year’s recipient is nothing short of that.
Words to define this businessman are hardworking, dedicated, humble, understanding, driven, focused, and encouraging.  In the two short years he has owned his business, he has more than tripled his business through retail, repairs, and sales.
At the young age of 26, this man has become a role model to peers far older than he is. He is defined as a “winner” in the business community. He is known as the example or model of “how to do it the right way.” He has redefined the image of a Charlotte businessperson, and has taken his business from barely noticed to the highlight of the downtown community.
Co-workers define this young man as the best boss, and friend to work for. He recognizes passion in a person and lets that person run with ideas, therefore driving individual success in his own employees. He is deeply respected by his employees because of the praise and gratitude he shows to them.
This businessman is seen everywhere throughout the community. He is involved in various groups and organizations around town, including Locals in Business, the Chamber, and encouraging young entrepreneurs at Charlotte Public Schools to fight for their passion. He shares his excitement for business with patrons and peers everywhere he goes.
His business growth is nothing short of incredible, he has done this by “saving soles, one day at a time,” it is with great pleasure we announce Travis Lyon, of Charlotte Shoe and Leather Repair as the 2016 recipient of the Impact New Business Award.
Some important accolades of Travis’ management abilities is seen in his employees, Sarah, Scott, and Brooke, because behind every good business, are good employees.  They have helped him grow the business into what it is today. Sarah has promoted their Diabetic Footwear Program, starting with just 14 people in shoes, to now 189 people in shoes that needed them. Scott is known as the best cobbler and key man in the surrounding area. They all have grown the business by starting with just two Red Wing Shoe repair accounts, to more than tripling that number.  They have added retail such as cowboy boots, motorcycle apparel, work boots, and more. On top of all of that, they can repair just about any zipper, jacket, shoe, or really anything made of leather that needs repair.
Stop in and see Travis and his staff at the Charlotte Shoe and Leather Repair.