Connie Cullen-Guzy

Connie Cullen-Guzy, age 76, passed away peacefully on February 26, 2020, in her hometown of Charlotte. She is survived by her loving husband, Stan; daughter, Autumn; son Brad and his wife, Renee: son Marty and his wife, Leigh; and three grandchildren, Cullen, Asher and Trenton.
Connie was genuinely caring, compassionate and selfless, which led her to a long and successful career in nursing where she was able to fulfill her passion for helping others. As a mother of three, she was a beautiful, fun-loving, supportive parent who taught her children how to live a life full of love and laughter. One of her greatest joys was being grandmother to three grandsons who will always cherish her playful and whimsical spirit.
Connie and her husband Stan shared a very special and genuine love. They lived their life together traveling, exploring nature, gardening and enjoying every minute they spent in each other’s company.
Connie will be forever remembered for her sense of humor, love of life and beautiful smile.