Margaret Ann Fitnich

“Maggie” Margaret Ann Fitnich, a beloved family member and therapy dog at Eaton Rapids Medical Center, died November 4, 2019. Maggie, age 10 (or 70 in dog years), was born May 10, 2009, in a litter of 12. While her father was a Miniature Poodle, Maggie was the largest of the litter and grew to be much larger than her littermates. Maggie joined the Fitnich household shortly after she was born and brought much joy to her people parents, Trisha and Jason Fitnich. Trisha enrolled Maggie in training classes at K9 Connections at the age of two. Maggie easily earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen award and participated in several other classes, including agility. Her temperament as a natural encourager brought joy to those she met, so it was an easy decision for Maggie to be trained as a therapy dog. Maggie made many appearances at Charlotte-area nursing homes, the Eaton County Youth facility and eventually became a therapy dog at the Eaton Rapids Medical Center, where she was sought after and found in many various departments. When she was nine, she lost her eyesight. Trisha enrolled Maggie in Nose Work classes in order to “see” through her sense of smell. It was truly amazing to see Maggie navigate both at home and throughout the hospital and locate specific rooms, as well as her treats. In addition to her work at the hospital, she made appearances at Lockwood Elementary in Eaton Rapids through the mentoring program and volunteered time at the Eaton Rapids District Library with the Children’s Reading Program. She was a very patient and good listener, as children learned to improve their reading abilities by reading stories to Maggie. Trisha considers it a wonderful honor to have had this beautiful companion in her life and to be at her side when she left our world. She is proud of Maggie bringing so much joy to others, by being present with their therapy and spreading her love as only beloved pets can.