Steve“Twig” Terwilliger

On April 18, 2022, we his biological family, his EMS family, his many friends lost one of our best.
Marcie’s little brother, Terra’s dad, Soraya, Skyler, Abrielle and Addison’s grandpa, Sheila’s special guy, and Jimmy’s buddy. There are many individuals fortunate to “still be here” thanks to Steve’s consummate skills as a Critical Care Paramedic through the decades he served the community.
Having defied the odds time and again, burning through 12 of his nine lives, health issues took a toll over the past months. His superhuman survival run came to a close. If I’d known that hug would be our last, I’d have held on a lot longer.
Mom “Mary Jane” and Dad “Wayne” brought you into this world June 15, 1958. We who remain agree you left us way too soon.
We anticipate a joyful reunion on the other side, Steve “Twig” Terwilliger, because…love doesn’t cease at earth’s finite parameters.
Special thanks to Edmond Apartments friends. A gathering will take place at a later date.
The family is in the care of Burkhead-Green-Kilgo Funeral Home, Charlotte.