In the last few months, family, friends, and fans have watched Cooper Rush gradually move from one stage of his football career to the next. In December Rush finished his last semester of college football at Central Michigan University. In March, he brought his best to the scout pro day at CMU. On Saturday, April 29, Rush and his agent looked at the offers made to him and decided to sign with the Dallas Cowboys.

“Really it just came down to Dallas. It’s a great team and great organization,” said Rush as he reflected on his choices.

With an outstanding college record, it’s no surprise Rush would choose and be chosen by a high-ranking NFL team. No one has a crystal ball when it comes to the draft, and Rush recalled feelings of anxiousness as the draft continued. He had put in all the work, and Saturday night Rush and his family were able to watch as that work paid off.

Rush has received a flood of congratulations and support from family, as well as friends and strangers from home. Head coach of the CMU football team, coach Frank Bonamego, called to congratulate the recent graduate, along with other CMU coaches and friends.

“I’m so thankful for those guys. They got me to this point,” said Rush.

With all of the excitement, Rush hasn’t ignored the reality of the big move he’ll be making. Rush left for Dallas the Thursday following the draft, and he’s ready again to bring his best game forward.

“I’ll go down and make the roster to be a backup, third string,” said Rush. “I’m going to work with the attitude to help the team in some way.”

For Rush, joining the Cowboys isn’t only about him and his career. It’s about working with a team, learning from the seasoned coaches and players, and working as a single unit. Rush is eager to work with Cowboys’ head coach, Jason Garrett, and continue improving his game.

“I’m hoping to keep improving. I feel like I’m better than I was five months ago, but football is my job now. I’m going to keep improving every day, make that roster, and keep improving for the future,” said Rush.

Many young athletes dream of going pro after their high school and college days. For Charlotte area youth, Rush is just one of dozens of recent examples that big dreams and hard work pay off in the end.

“This is an opportunity to pursue a dream,” said Rush.