Kelsey Klont
Contributing Writer

(Photo Provided)

Our Getting to Know section of The County Journal highlights an active community member who serves and always goes above and beyond. This week we are highlighting Kandi Roberts, a long-term substitute teacher at Charlotte Public Schools.

We have asked Kandi some questions and here are her answers!

If you could be a fictional character, who would you be?

If I could be a fictional character I would be Mia Thermoplis from The Princess Diaries, because who wouldn’t want to find out that they are actually a princess!

Who has inspired you most in your life?

The person who inspired me most in my life would be my mom. She taught me a love of adventure and travel, and to enjoy life at every turn no matter the circumstance or path.

What is your idea of a perfect day?

My idea of a perfect day would be spending the day with my family in Germany, hiking to a castle then spending the evening on my cousin’s deck overlooking the hills and vineyards, eating grilled sausages and drinking the local wine, staying up all night laughing with our family.

If you could have chosen a different career path, what would it have been?

If I could have chosen a different career path, I would have attempted to be a comedic actress. I have always loved making people laugh, and that has always been a dream in the back of my mind.

What was your childhood nickname and has it changed?

My nickname growing up was Kandis. It faded away as an adult until my daughter and her friends brought it back when they were teenagers.

If you could meet anyone from history, who would it be and why?

This is a hard one. As someone who loves history, it is hard to pick only one! But I would say Mary Queen of Scots. Years ago my great aunt did an extensive family tree and found that our family lineage goes back to her. I would tell her to stay clear of her cousin Queen Elizabeth because she may just lose her head.

What was your favorite song in college and what is your favorite now?

My favorite song in college was Ordinary World by Duran Duran. My favorite now is Eyes Closed by Ed Sheeran.

When was the last time you did something for the first time and what was it?

The last time I did something for the first time was last September. I have been to tons and tons of concerts in my lifetime but have never gone to one with my childhood best friend. When we were 12 we made a promise to each other that we would go see Duran Duran together. It took 40 years to fulfill that promise to each other but in September we finally made it happen!

What was the worst summer job you had?

My worst summer job was in college when I was a Beekeepers assistant. I spent the whole summer outside cleaning beehives surrounded by honeybees.