Separately their stores had grown a loyal customer base and plenty of attention in downtown Charlotte despite opening just this year. Together Shelly O’Connor of Dragonfly Boutique and Jill Felice of The Flipping Redhead are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead now that they’ve joined forces.

The two will open Gypsy Market, a combination of the best of both downtown Charlotte shops, Saturday, Nov. 11 at 10 a.m.

“We had similar shops and each wanted more space to offer our customers different opportunities, it just made sense to work together,” Shelly said.

“It’s exciting that we can offer the community more by working as one,” Jill added.

Though they’ve only known each other for a few months, Shelly said working alongside Jill in preparation of their new store feels like they’ve been friends for years.

“We’ve been working side-by-side on everything,” Shelly said.

Both have a knack for flipping old furniture, though each brings their own unique style to the design process. Gypsy Market will be filled with their creations in addition to unique gift items from local vendors. What the new store will offer that their previous shops did not is space for classes, private parties, and a workshop.

Gypsy Market will offer a number of “raw” (unfinished) pieces, giving customers that opportunity to pick out a piece of furniture and create something new on their own, or request Jill or Shelly bring their vision to life. A full Dixie Belle Paint line and all needed tools to finish a custom job are available at the shop.

“We’ll be tackling pieces on a daily basis,” Shelly said.

In addition, customers will find unique gift items throughout the 2,500-foot space — clothing, candles, greeting cards, home décor … the list goes on.

Putting everything together over the course of the past month has taken a lot of work, but both said they have been encouraged by many of their loyal customers who have stopped by at their new location — 116 S. Cochran Avenue — eager for the new store to open.

“Our customers have been really positive,” Jill said. “They think it’s great we’ve teamed together.”

Both credit their husbands, Tim O’Connor and Jeff Felice for being the backbone of their renovation project.

To learn more, find Dragonfly Boutique & The Flipping Redhead on Facebook, where you can learn about special holiday hours, and upcoming class opportunities.