Kelsey Klont
Contributing Writer

(Photo Provided – Deborah, Rachel, Rebekah, James, and Tim.)

The legacy of the Olson family that started in Charlotte continues on.

In 2000, Tim and his wife Deborah (known as Chris) and their three children; Rebekah, Rachel, and James moved to Charlotte from their prior home in St. Helens, Michigan.

Tim, who was a pastor for many years, received his Ordination from Fort Wayne Seminary. When he took the lead preaching position at First Lutheran Church in Charlotte and moved to Charlotte with his family, he may not have known it then, but that would be the beginning of the family’s long-lasting legacy here.

Tim not only became the Lead Pastor of the local church, he was also the Circuit Visitor Pastor of the Lansing Capital Circuit of nine churches, where Pastor Olson was the pastor to pastors of those nine churches, passing his wisdom and guidance on to them.

Having become the Lead Pastor at First Lutheran Church, Pastor Olson recognized the need for the church to have a school and daycare center to nurture the next generation and their faith. Pastor Olson was instrumental in encouraging the members of the church to expand the existing preschool within the church to also have a daycare center on the church’s property too. The childcare center was operational in 2011. They both have prospered well alongside the church.

His beloved wife, Deborah, was a very supportive and compassionate person in the life of the church. She beautifully played the organ on multiple occasions. Known to friends as Chris, she had her own oncology clinic for a time in addition to playing a supportive role to Tim and the church.

Their children, too, were very active in the church, growing up in the children’s ministry.

I sat down and spoke with Pastor Daniel Longden, who was the Youth and Family Director when he came on staff at First Lutheran, and who was the youth pastor to Rebekah, Rachel, and James. He told me, “Tim was a lively and sociable man who could strike up a conversation with anyone and talk about anything in a way that made you feel like you had known him all your life. His wife, Chris, had a gift for imparting wisdom and inspiring others to share love with those around them. She was truly a blessing to our church family.”

Sadly Pastor Olson passed away in the spring of 2018 and his wife Chris has just recently passed away, but their memories and legacies will forever continue to leave an impression on their home church, First Lutheran Church of Charlotte, and their community.