The CharlotteRising board of directors announced June 8 the hiring of Dillon Rush as executive director of Charlotte’s Michigan Main Street program. Rush, a 2017 graduate of the University of Michigan and Charlotte native, served as the CharlotteRising economic development intern in 2016 and was instrumental in moving the city’s Main Street Select Level application forward.

“We looked at Dillon’s previous training in Main Street programming and how his degree from U of M is closely aligned with the area of expertise for this position,” said CharlotteRising Board President Joe E. Pray. “Then we looked at his experience and familiarity with our community.  At that point we felt he would be a good choice.”

Charlotte is not the same community Rush remembers from his childhood. That fact excites him. It’s also what turned his hometown into a potential landing spot after graduating this past spring.

“Economic development was a new experience for me,” Rush said. “It really opened my eyes to the change that could be made in a community, especially one I grew up in.”

Rush said he sees his role in the community as one of communicator, collaborator and coordinator. He has spent his first few weeks on the job re-introducing himself to many key community stakeholders and downtown business owners. As executive director, Rush will be the point person for many Michigan Main Street projects moving forward. As such, he will spend a lot of time in volunteer development, something he says he is very comfortable with.

“From the start CharlotteRising has always been a grassroots, volunteer driven organization,” Rush said. “Right now we are looking for some small wins while in the midst of our strategic planning process. That doesn’t mean we stop the momentum that has already been building.”

Rush said he plans to ramp up volunteer recruiting efforts in the next couple months.

Pray said part of what captured the board’s attention during the interview process was Rush’s attention to detail and enthusiasm for his community.

“When he presented his proposed plan of action for his first 90 days on the job during his final interview, we knew he would be the best person for the position,” Pray said. “He really understands the vision.”

Rush and CharlotteRising will be headquartered at 105 S. Cochran Avenue. You can contact Rush at (517) 258-2362 or find out more about Charlotte
Rising at or on Facebook.