Slayer Outdoor Products is a new business in Charlotte. Originally located in Standish, Mich. and owned by Harold Woolhiser, the business now resides in the industrial complex on Packard Highway under the ownership of Rob Trowbridge and Tal Gearhart. Trowbridge was a partner with Woolhiser and bought out his share of the business and gladly relocated closer to home.

Trowbridge and Gearhart are Vermontville natives. The two men grew up together, and Trowbridge later moved to California for several years where he owned a mortgage company. When he and his wife decided to move back to Michigan to raise their family they decided on Trowbridge’s hometown of Vermontville.

Trowbridge has owned Sensations Memory Care in Charlotte for six years, and was pleased to join Woolhiser in another business venture. An avid hunter himself, Trowbridge learned every component of the business, from marketing and management to building the hunting blinds. Gearhart teamed up with Trowbridge when he bought out the business and moved it to Charlotte.

Slayer sold 200 hunting blinds in their first year, and had product in 35 stores. Since relocating to Charlotte they’ve sold over a dozen blinds to Charlotte area residents, while also selling dozens more across the state. From the Thumb, to Traverse City, to hunters in Wisconsin, Slayer hunting blinds can be found all over.

Trowbridge prides Slayer with a uniquely designed hunting blind. The five-sided blinds come in a few different camouflage designs, a single piece thermoform plastic roof, carpeted walls and floors, and tempered glass windows designed for ample view and coverage. While the blinds are made to be permanent, they are modular, so customers can replace damaged walls instead of replacing an entire blind.

Slayer also offers four different tower designs for their blinds. Two of the tower options are 5 and 7 feet tall, which are made specifically for Slayer blinds. The other two designs are 7 and 10 feet tall and can be used universally for other blind makes and models. All four of Slayer’s tower designs are made of aluminum to avoid rust and rot, and also have now slip stairs with handrails.

Trowbridge described Slayer’s blinds and towers as “made by hunters for hunters.” The five-sided blinds help eliminate blind spots. The carpeted walls and floors help to keep the blinds quiet and warm. Slayer’s specially designed T-shaped windows allow for flexibility of weaponry and shot. The tempered glass windows prevent warping that comes over time with plastic blind windows. Slayer designed with the hunter in mind.

New to Slayer is the opportunity for customers to have their blinds delivered to a property. Finding a way to get the 500-pound blinds to a property in the Upper Peninsula is no longer a problem.

Readers who want to know more about Slayer Outdoor Products can visit, visit the Slayer Outdoor Products Facebook page, or call (517) 997-6400.