At a Charlotte Board of Education meeting Monday, April 17, President of Ferris State University, Dr. David Eisler, presented Charlotte Public Schools superintendent, Mark Rosekrans with a new scholarship opportunity for CHS students. The Ferris Next Scholarship provides CHS students who have completed three classes offered through Ferris with a C or higher with a $1,000 scholarship toward attending Ferris full time.

Dr. Eisler signed a citation with Superintendent Rosekrans in front of the board of education.

The presentation of the new scholarship opportunity comes after a three-year partnership between CHS and Ferris. Through the partnership, students can receive college credit by taking classes offered through Ferris. The partnership is just one of the partnerships CHS has with colleges and universities around the state, but Ferris is the first to offer a scholarship opportunity specifically for CHS students who plan to attend the university. The offer was extended by Ferris and gratefully accepted by Charlotte High School.

Eisler and Rosekrans said they are grateful for the partnership between the two schools, both explaining that the transition from high school to college should be seamless. Ferris has accepted many Charlotte grads throughout the years, and opportunities like the Ferris Next Scholarship essentially make college an extension of the high school career. The difference between high school and college is significant, but Ferris has taken a step to make the transition from CHS simpler.

“There’s no use to have a separation from high school and college. It should be a continuum,” said Dr. Eisler.

Superintendent Rosekrans shared similar sentiments and explained the growing need for easy college access.

“The big thing now is career and college readiness. College is a gateway to bigger and better things,” said Rosekrans. “It’s amazing how it’s evolved where students can achieve college credit in high school. They can get an associates relatively quickly with little to no cost.”

Rosekrans acknowledged that not all students will attend a four-year university, but also explained that students who want to go into trades can achieve industry standard certifications, in high school, through the partnerships CHS has with colleges like Ferris. Identifying a student’s interests, needs, and strengths and creating pathways to college and employment is what delights educators like Eisler and Rosekrans, as well as parents and students.

“This is a great partnership between the two organizations,” said Rosekrans.

In attendance at the presentation was the first CHS student to receive the Ferris Next Scholarship, Abby McCrimmon. She and her father watched with enthusiasm, knowing the partnership and scholarship opportunity was her pathway to higher education.