Olivet is a town that cultivates commitment. Many kids who grow up in Olivet stay or return to become devoted firefighters, teachers, coaches, and respected community members.

For Delbert Redfield there was no great rush get away, especially with a local college so close and accessible. After a few rewarding years as an Olivet Eagle, Redfield is moving on to become an Olivet College Comet for the men’s basketball team.

As team captain, Redfield led the team through fairly successful 17-5 season. With a rough start followed by a promising turnaround, the boys took away their first class B district title since 2013. Redfield was a consistent leader in scoring, which was a valuable asset for the team in crucial games, like the district game against Leslie where Redfield scored two three point shots, securing the Eagles’ lead.

While Redfield has grown significantly as a player, he’s also grown as a leader. He was team captain during his junior year as well, but he came into full bloom as a leader during his senior year.

“I was hard on them,” said Redfield in regard to working with his peers. “But the more you win, the easier it gets.”

Redfield is eager to play under coach Steve Ernst with Olivet Men’s team. Coach Ernst is in his first year of coaching at Olivet College. Ernst’s tough as nails method of coaching appeals to Redfield, who considers himself a serious, focused player.

“I’m excited about it. I talked to Ernst, he’s real competitive,” said Redfield. “It was ultimately Ernst that drew me in.”

The community aspect of Olivet College also influenced Redfield’s decision. Living, growing up, playing, attending church, and going to school in Olivet has created a devotion to the small town.

“I think it’s a big deal going from school to school in Olivet. Staying here wouldn’t be so bad. I prayed about it a lot, talked to family about it a lot. It’d be great for me,” said Redfield.

Over the next months and years Redfield looks forward to honing his skills and abilities, focusing on areas of improvement like handling the ball with his right hand and moving down the court without the ball. While growing his basketball skills, Redfield will be working toward a business degree at Olivet College. His game is valuable, but so is his continuing growth of character and faith.Redfield attends City on a Hill Church in downtown Olivet and has close ties to family and friends and community. Ultimately, what is college really for if not equipping students to be more devoted community members and citizens?