Deb Malewski
Contributing Writer

Dimondale is a very charming small town in Eaton County located south of Lansing and north of Eaton Rapids just off M-99. It’s an active and thriving community bustling with events and people who seem very happy to live there. There are farmer’s markets, the Dimondale Outdoor Discovery Center, the Grand River, the Dorothy Hull Library, and much more to keep people busy.
Convenience and proximity to larger communities is a big draw to many living in Dimondale. It’s only nine miles to Lansing from Dimondale. Eaton Rapids is ten miles, and Holt is only a seven-mile drive.
“It’s a small community, but it’s close to everything, like shopping and jobs. Some small towns are a bit too rural and that can make getting jobs difficult. It has a real community feel,” said Patsy Woodman, who has lived in Dimondale since 1951.
“It’s close to everything, close to the big city but we don’t have to deal with the big city things,” explained Nancy VanGeel who has lived in Dimondale for four years. “You can go to Lansing, Charlotte, and Holt from here.”
Lifetime resident Teal Campbell enjoys that Dimondale is walkable and very friendly, with a lot of options around for things to do, like the new Dimondale Pickleball Society.
“It’s an easy town, with nice, good people. And there is peace and quiet,” said Harold McPhee who was raised in Windsor Township.
Levi Snoeyink and his wife have recently moved to Dimondale so that he can attend Michigan State University. “We love it here. It’s got everything we need in a small town. My wife even found a local job at Dimes Brewhouse, so it’s been a great new way to meet people.”
Friendliness is important, too. Dimondale is “unusually friendly,” according to Marcia Dinolfo, who has lived in the village for 20 years. “We are Lansing’s best kept secret,” she added. “And there’s a rule here,” she explained. “When people drive by you must wave.”
Dinolfo explained about the neighborhood she lives in, located at the end of a cul-de-sac. “When COVID started, we began a happy hour every Friday, and we’re still doing it. We talk, we watch a movie—this week it’s a travelogue about Vietnam.”
She also remarked about the shopping at Carl’s Supermarket in Dimondale. “Sometimes they carry things that Meijer doesn’t carry,” she said, “Or will order things that I need and will continue stocking it. And they offer carry out!”
Sue Luea agreed with Dinolfo. “It’s an old-fashioned small town that still has all the elements needed; we have restaurants, a barber, an ice cream shop, and groceries–at a place I prefer to shop.” Luea is comfortable letting her children ride their bikes downtown or go to the river. They can canoe from their house into town, which is a great experience for them, she added.
“We have been a part of our adopted hometown, Dimondale, for the last six years,” said Sarah Gruesbeck.  “We love the small businesses and the togetherness of the community. We try to support our little village by frequenting Dimes, MorningLory’s, Village Ice Cream Shop, and Carl’s. We enjoy walking our dog at Danford Park and around downtown. We also love that the local businesses and the Dorothy Hull Library give back to Dimondale by sponsoring different events and projects.”
It sounds like a great place to live. Dimondale Village is located within Windsor Charter Township just north of Eaton Rapids. The 2019 population was 1,370.