CokerFormer Eaton County Corrections officer, Allan Coker was arraigned Monday, Feb. 8 on charges of embezzlement of over $50 by a public official.
In December 2015, Eaton County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Command reviewed and requested further investigation of some inmate bookings which involved discrepancies regarding small amounts of cash not being deposited into inmate accounts during the booking process. The information gathered determined that the same corrections officer was involved in each of these bookings.
In January 2016, Sheriff Reich requested an outside mission team from the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association     to conduct an impartial criminal investigation and present their findings to the Eaton County Prosecutor.  As a result, a Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office Detective Lieutenant and a Kent County Corrections Sergeant conducted the investigation and corrections officer Allan Coker, employed since 2010 was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.
The investigators presented their findings to the Eaton County Prosecutor’s Office requesting criminal charges for alleged thefts in two separate incidents totaling less than $100.00 against Coker.
During a departmental internal review Coker, who has been employed as a county corrections officer since 2010, resigned from the department after admitting violating procedures.
Sheriff Reich stated, “I find it reprehensible that this former employee would look for and seize opportunities to circumvent booking procedures to steal money — no matter the amount — from any inmate entering our jail.  My employees are required and expected to obey the law, the same as any citizen, but as public servants to and for the residents of Eaton County, I hold them to a higher standard and Allan Coker has been held accountable internally through our employment process.  In addition, criminal charges are pending further court action.”

Article submitted by Eaton County Sheriff’s Office.