Is Charlotte making the best civic and business moves to attract and serve the region’s Gen X and Gen Y population?  This is the crux of Can Do!’s January General Meeting this coming Wednesday morning. The guest speaker will be Michael Stoskopf, CEO of Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan and a man with decades of relevant experience.
Stoskopf will convey strategies in understanding, marketing to and serving the unique characteristics and behaviors that underlie both critical generations. His expertise on the matter is broad. Besides being CEO at HBA, he is administrator of that organization’s charitable and education foundation and Executive Director of HomeAid of Southeastern Michigan.
Stoskopf formerly worked for Granger Construction, leading their strategic enterprise growth. Prior to that he was Vice President of Business Development for defense contractor, Lockheed Martin, where he also worked as financial systems analyst and program manager. Stoskopf also served as Systems Engineer for MITRE Corporation and began his professional career as an officer in the United States Air Force.
Demographers carve up populations by what they witnessed—the culture within which a generation comes of age.  Following the Baby Boomers was Generation X, those born in the early 1960s to about 1980.  The next generation gets the title Generation Y, or more often in marketing these days, they are known as Millennials for coming of age after 2000.
Each generation comes with its own living, working and purchasing habits. Understanding how Gen X and Gen Y Americans spend their time and money can make a big difference in outcomes for businesses and municipalities.
Stoskopf’s message regarding these two generations and how to cater to their habits promises to be both insightful and entertaining. The meeting begins at 7 a.m. in the Spartan Room of Charlotte Community Library this Wednesday, Jan. 28.  Coffee from Fay’s Evelyn Bay and light breakfast will be provided.

Article submitted by Can Do!