Amy Jo Kinyon
Willow Tree
From the small coffee shop on Main Street in Olivet emanates a large smell. The scent of freshly baked breads, cookies and other treats entice passersby to stop in to Fay’s Willow Tree coffee shop.
New owner, Amy Williams purchased the business and re-opened on July 1. Amy had spent the previous months working for the former owners and was ready to take over when the opportunity presented itself.
“I can’t imagine passing on this opportunity,” said Amy. “Both of my girls work in here with me and we get to hang out and bake whatever we want to.”
Trying new recipes and getting to know customers take second place to the opportunity to spend the days working alongside family — Abby and Taylor Williams.
“I really enjoy making the drinks, being so close to home and being able to be around my family all day is really great,” said Taylor.
The new staff has extended the hours of the shop, opening 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and is even open on Sundays.
The school district originally brought Amy and her family to Olivet four years ago and the family eventually made their home in the small community. Amy is hoping to continue to bring tasty treats to the residents and create a gathering place. Knowing each of the regular customers’ orders is just one of the perks of running a small-town business. Amy hopes to carry on those traditions long into the future and continue creating a comforting atmosphere for patrons.
“Hopefully, we can create a small town gathering place for the community,” said Amy. “This morning the guys from the shop all came down for coffee, families can come in and have lunch together and it’s not such a busy atmosphere. We have more of a home feel with baked goods and sandwiches.”
Amy said the former owners were more then helpful with the transition and helped make the decision to purchase the building an easy one to make.
“Fay and Chet are amazing. They’ve been more than helpful,” said Amy. “They have done everything they could possibly do to help. Chet even started teaching me the baking when there was another potential buyer before I even purchased it. It’s kind of crazy how everything worked out.”
Stop in to the coffee shop at 107 North Main to try some of the sweet treats and experience the comfortable atmosphere at Fay’s Willow Tree Coffee Shop.