By Deb Malewski

Contributing writer

— With most dental visits on hold right now, it’s still very important to maintain good dental health, says Dr. Lana Lewis of Main Street Dental, PLCC, in Olivet. Feeling very strongly about this, she decided to donate 400 toothbrushes, dental floss and toothpaste to be passed out with the free breakfast and lunches at the Olivet schools.

Lewis wanted to do something to help the community maintain their oral health during social isolation, she explained. Governor Whitmer’s executive order has limited dental health care to emergency services only, Lewis said, so it is more important than ever for people to take their oral health care into their own hands. 

“The need to limit close patient contact to decrease the spread of the coronavirus makes scientific sense,” Lewis said. “This has led me to think outside the box on ways to reach out to my community and my patients.” 

Lewis has been practicing in Olivet at Main Street Dental for almost 15 years and considers the community her home.

“We miss our patient family and hope to see them all soon. By promoting oral health, I am promoting whole-body health.”

For this special project, Lewis teamed up with Crest Oral B, who provided 10 percent of the supplies, with Lewis supplying the rest.

The dental hygiene supplies were handed out May 18 in the breakfast and lunch distribution program through the Olivet schools.

Parents and the community have been incredibly supportive and appreciative of this outreach effort to get oral hygiene tools in the hands of local kids, she said.

“I hope that everyone stays safe and continues to take every aspect of their health seriously.”

In keeping with the governor’s orders, Main Street Dental is temporarily closed through May 28. For dental emergencies, Lewis encourages patients to call the office at 269-749-9477. Lewis can also be reached through her website at and on Facebook.


Photo provided

Sasha and Avi Kelly (daughters of Dr. Lana Lewis of Main Street Dental) are shown packaging dental hygiene supplies.