Students at Charlotte Upper Elementary walked into a flurry of color throughout the halls Tuesday, Nov. 25. The color came from bright Post-It notes that were stuck to walls, lockers, doors and windows as part of the school’s first Positive Post-It Day, a project put together by the KC Club.
“The looks on the kids faces when they came in, it far exceeded my expectations,” said Angie Jewell, fourth grade teacher and one of the organizing teachers, along with Celena Bruch, of the event.
Jewell originally saw the idea for the school project from a news broadcast out of Canada that was floating around Facebook. She said once she saw the video she knew the CUE had to do something similar.
The Post-It notes stuck to the walls each contained a different positive message. Students were encouraged to create their own positive notes and stick them throughout the school and on friends’ lockers throughout the day.
Jewell said members of the KC Club (which stands for the Kindness and Compassion Club) arrived at school early to give the students a head start. Teachers also had positive notes waiting for each of their students when they arrived on Tuesday.
Principal Matthew Maitland was impressed with all of the positive messages and said it is something the school will have to do each year, if not more. Jewell said the whole purpose was to show kids how much more positive their school experience is when they are kind and caring towards others. The entire purpose of the KC Club is to spread kindness and compassion, which Jewell said was accomplished last Tuesday.
“Throughout the entire day, the thoughtful things they were writing … it was a very uplifting day,” she said.
Students were given time in class to create their own positive Post-Its. Some students brought their own sticky note pads, others used ones provided by teachers and the KC Club purchased pads for students and staff to use throughout the day.
Some of the positive messages left on lockers included: “Be the positive change our world needs.” “You are surrounded by love.” “I like you just the way you are.” “Thank you for being you.” “You stand out like a cool color.” “The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday.” “You make life fun for the people you know.” “You are spectacular on the inside and out.” “Rise up and attack the day with enthusiasm.” “You should take a moment and realize how awesome you are.”Positive Post It Day