Christine Terpening
Contributing Writer

(Photo provided)


According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we can expect a cold winter with plenty of snowstorms, sleet and ice rain for the Great Lakes region, or as we call it: typical Michigan. This is a time when costs to house and feed animals increase astronomically. As you enter the giving season, consider giving to an organization that cares for our four-legged friends who need a home.

Pawsibilities Rescue, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, in Olivet knows all too well about displaced animals. The 16-acre farm rescues animals from Michigan and other states that have been surrendered by the owner and accommodates many animal controls. Pawsibilities rehomes dogs, cats, livestock, exotics, birds and reptiles. President Connie Friedly, who has been rescuing animals for over 50 years, is known for saying, “Don’t shop, always adopt. Rescue pets are the most grateful.”

While every animal that finds themselves at Pawsibilities Rescue gets placed in a loving home, the harsh facts are that there are more displaced pets than there is space. With temperatures becoming increasingly colder, consider fostering or adopting a grateful hearted companion from this loving rescue. Every animal that is rehomed makes room for others that need the rescue’s help, as Freidly states, “We only house what we can accommodate and care for properly.”

In addition to cold temperatures, the holidays often are a time that increases home displacement for pets. In order to prevent a pet needing rescue, Friedly says that it’s very important that prospective pet owners research the kind of pet that they are considering adopting. This includes their breed, their feeding and cleaning needs and the amount of space and equipment needed to house the animal. Also, being realistic about the time one has available to take care of such a pet.

Pawsibilities Rescue is 100% funded by public donation. “We are strictly a donation based non-profit. If people don’t donate, we don’t exist,” she said. Pawsiblilities is in need of financial help for spay and neutering, gas cards and a multitude of other expenses that the rescue incurs on a daily basis.

Pawsibilities Rescue provides to surrounding communities to help pet owners with the needs of their pet. They donate food to churches, food banks, other animal shelters and local families in need. “We do so much, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without the local community,” she said gratefully, “This little rescue does a lot for a lot of communities.”

Pawsibilities Rescue can be contacted at (517)652-9353, calling or texting first for an appointment is requested. Consider a loving pet that needs a home or volunteer to help an animal in need.This organization only accepts animals that are safe to rehome. Volunteers and community service help is needed. If it is in your heart to financially donate, checks may be mailed to Pawsibilities Rescue, 2200 W. Bellevue Hwy, Olivet, MI 49076.