Amy Jo Kinyon
Putting their lessons into practice, students of Sing Studios in Vermontville have been performing as royalty for local events. Along with performing at private parties, Sing Studios recently held a princess party during the Vermontville Maple Syrup Festival and is planning two more this summer.
The first will be held in Charlotte at the Eaton Area Senior Center on June 18. The second party is slated for June 26 in Hastings at the Dennison Performing Arts Center.
Utilizing their theater and vocal training, the students must be able to embody their character prior tp going before the tough scrutiny of toddlers.
“It’s all a study in improvisation,” said Sarah Shoemaker, owner of Sing Studios. “You just don’t know what a 5 year-old is going to ask you so you have to be prepared to answer anything as your character.”
The events give students a chance to step out of their comfort zone while having fun. Along with helping the students perform in a new environment, the royal events help to raise funds that are used to help cover cost of entry fees at state level competitions. Shoemaker said the competitions give her students the chance to perform in a high-pressure situation and meet others in the vocal industry.
“It’s interesting,” commented Shoemaker. “You get to see what they’re made of pretty fast. They also get valuable feedback and are able to test their mettle against others.”
Through music, Shoemaker said she has found her calling to be a teacher and opening her own studio has provided a way to share her passion for music with others.
“I love to sing and love to act but would much rather hear one of my students hit the high note they’ve been working on or perform without running off stage. That’s more important to me then saying, look at me – I sing amazingly,” explained Shoemaker. “I was made to be a teacher.”
Inside her studio on Main Street in Vermontville, Shoemaker is creating a recording studio to further enhance vocal lessons. Giving lessons since she was a senior in high school at Maple Valley, Shoemaker said more than 300 students have participated in lessons. This summer she will be holding a weekly acting class and will direct the musical A Christmas Carol with Andromeda Theater in Charlotte.
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