Christine Terpening

Contributing Writer


If you like brand new merchandise at discounted prices, you must get to Valhalla Value Liquidation & More in Charlotte. They are stocked full of a variety of items from clothing to motorcycle parts and everything in between. Emphasize everything.
Owners Brandy and Steve Haeck opened their doors in October of 2022 to bring massive money savings to Charlotte on new liquidated items. Haeck says, “We offer retail savings of 25% or more. I’m always down to make a deal if they can’t afford something.”
All items in the store are brand new. The Haecks buy and resell liquidated merchandise. These items could be returns, overstocks, shelf pulls or warehouse closeouts that would otherwise be in our landfills. That thought is appalling to Haeck and should be to the rest of us, also. Instead of lending to the problem, Valhalla Value is a part of the solution.
All brand-new merchandise has been checked that they are free of flaws and in working order. Their clothing still has the tags on and is available at bargain prices. You’ll also find gowns, toys, homegoods, electronics, tablets, “a little bit of everything,” Haeck chuckled. She carries steel toed boots starting at $20, children’s ride on vehicles, and miscellaneous odds and ends. “Most people find something,” she said. The store has a high turnover of inventory and restocks on a daily basis.
Haeck also runs a Facebook group and sells on Marketplace. They carry hundreds of model specific car parts that are listed on Marketplace and available at the store. The Facebook group is quickly growing as they have built a community of bargain seekers that are treated to occasional giveaways.
Haeck recalls a little boy that earned the money to buy a jersey that he saw on her Marketplace listing. He and his grandma messaged her multiple times through the ice storm and when the roads were safe to travel, grandma brought the boy’s money into the store. “He didn’t quite earn enough, but I accepted what he did earn,” she said.
That story is not unusual. “I’m always down to make a deal,” she said, “I’m trying to save our landfills and give you the discount. If you don’t like the price, we can talk about it.”
Haeck loves to give back to the community. They have partnered with the Eaton Clothing and Furniture Store by donating items to them. “As a former single mom, I utilized that and it feels good to give back to that service,” she offered. Over Halloween they gave away 50 pink baby sharks to trick-or-treaters and the remainder they donated to the fire department’s CFD Christmas Kiddies. Haeck was even “hunted down” by a little girl that saw them and had to have one. The little girl got her pink shark. The Haecks are a Shiplord Sponsor of the Charlotte Nordic Fire Festival and most near and dear to their heart, they sponsor Charlotte Grapplers Youth Wrestling. “We’re glad to be in the community so we like to give back,” Haeck said proudly.
“I strive to be better than the big box liquidators to keep my small-town community coming back to me,” the owner stated. Valhalla Value Liquidation & More is located at 202 Pearl St. in Charlotte. Their hours are Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., Sunday noon – 5 p.m. and closed Monday and Tuesday. Call (517)588-8664 for more information. Find them on social media and visit the store often to keep track of new inventory.