Jessica Droscha first set up shop at the Charlotte Farmers Market last year. After a while, she said she started noticing a small problem — a lack of customers.
Though the Farmers Market in Charlotte, which is held every Saturday morning from June through October, has seen a steady growth in vendors over the years, attendance from shoppers isn’t always great. That’s why Droscha, who, along with her husband Jeremy, operates an organic garden, is excited at the idea of the new Charlotte Artisans and Farmers Market, which will be held Thursday evenings this summer.
“I’m really looking forward to the new Thursday date,” she said. “I think it will bring more business to charlotte and help support some of our local businesses,”
She’s not alone. Elizabeth Siler, owner of Afterschool Treats in Charlotte is excited at the opportunity to expand her business. She has operated Afterschool Treats for nearly two years, selling baked goods directly to customers from her home.
“I heard about the Thursday Farmers Market, and for myself and my family, Thursday works so much better than the Saturday market,” Siler said.  “Having small children, we sometimes like to take off for the weekend.”
Organizers of the Artisans and Farmers Market have heard similar comments from community members about the Saturday morning market. Which is the main reason the group looked for a weeknight in which to hold a second market. The group settled on Thursday evenings in an effort to build on an already successful Concerts on the Square series in downtown Charlotte.
“We believe all these changes will allow the farmers market to enjoy greater visibility on Cochran Avenue, many more customers and a second option during the week that may be more convenient for a lot of people,” Bryan Myrkle said. Myrkle is the city’s Community Development Director.
The Charlotte Artisans and Farmers Market will also take place on Courthouse Square, utilizing the south (Cochran Avenue) side of the courthouse lawn. There will be some overlap in events, but that is part of what excites vendors like Siler.
“The idea just sounded good,” Siler said. “Having the music on the square and bringing in artisans and farmers — sometimes in the middle of the week, people are looking for things to do downtown. I’m really excited about it.”
Siler said the Artisans and Farmers Market is another reason she feels Charlotte is such a great community.
“Having the farmers market is a great way to revitalize the downtown,” Siler said. “You bring in the artisans and small business owners who are maybe looking to develop a business and fill up some of the storefronts. I think it’s wonderful.”
Vendors looking to participate in the Artisans and Farmers Market can attend an informational meeting on Wednesday, April 15 from 7 to 8 p.m. at Courthouse Square Museum. For more information, contact Myrkle at (517) 543-8853.