Christine Terpening
Contributing Writer

(Photo by Christine Terpening: Marilyn and Evelyn Coblentz team up to provide impressive results.

Raising kids is dirty business. Pets bring joy to the soul and stains to the carpet. Wine is fine, but not when tipped and dripped. Pristine Carpet Cleaning picks up the dirt and stains that everyday living throws down.

Owner, Marilyn Coblentz of Vermontville travels all over southern Michigan in her van filled with high powered equipment to deep clean both commercial and residential carpets. Coblentz also cleans upholstery, vehicles, area rugs, and tile floors to name a few.  “All I have to do is adjust my heat and we’re good to go,” she said. Stairways also make the list of jobs she will tackle. Pristine specializes in stain and odor removal.

While your carpet may look clean or “not that bad,” according to the American Lung association your carpet can harbor many pollutants and allergens such as pet dander, mold spores, dust mites, insect allergens as well as dirt and dust. And if that doesn’t make you book an appointment with Coblentz ASAP, according to microbiologist Dr. Philip Tierno, there is on average 200,000 bacteria per square inch in the average carpet.

Now that you’ve decided to get your carpet cleaned, customers can assist in the process by vacuuming and moving furniture, but if that isn’t possible, Coblentz comes prepared to get the job done with the assistance of her daughter, Evelyn Coblentz.
While enroute to the customer, the water runs through the motor to heat it to a steamy temperature. While the van keeps the water hot, Coblentz and daughter prepare the hoses and attached sprayer and pretreats stains to begin a thorough cleaning. Coblentz then power sprays the surface with hot water that is immediately sucked up. “I have an extremely strong vacuum that pulls the water and dirt out until the carpet is damp,” explained Coblentz. The entire process takes about an hour to clean, depending on the size of the room. Drying time takes a minimum of two hours, but Coblentz recommends six hours to be fully dry. Fans and increased airflow help to speed the process.

“I use natural cleaning products, but if I have a stain that needs it I do have chemicals,” said Coblentz, “I only use them if I need to.”

While there are many carpet vans in the business, Coblentz is local and performs the work herself ensuring great care is taken for the very best results possible. “Helping people is my main goal. I want to serve them in a way that makes them want me to be the one that comes out to clean. I’m very thorough. I want people to be satisfied,” said Coblentz.

There is no carpet so dirty that Coblentz wouldn’t roll her sleeves up for. While she can’t promise that all stains can be removed, she does provide impressive results.

To see how affordable Pristine Carpet Cleaning can be, call Marilyn Coblentz with your room measurements at (517)219-2891 or email her at