Many Eaton Rapids residents will recognize the small building at 400 S. Main Street. It’s been home to a number of businesses over the years and is now proudly occupied by the Island City’s newest hair styling attraction, Trivium Salon. Owned by Harmony and Scott Lindsey, Trivium has been a long time coming, and is set for a grand opening the week of June 11.

Harmony and Scott are not longtime residents of Eaton Rapids. The couple lived in Lansing for a number of years and decided to move somewhere more quiet and rural about a year and a half ago, according to Harmony. The husband and wife pair is educated in cosmetology, but have worked outside the industry for the last several years. Harmony was a stay at home mom after a seven-year stint with a Lansing based Salon. She was the head of the in-salon education by the end of her employment, but felt like she had reached the peak of her momentum there.

“It makes sense that salon ownership was the next step,” said Harmony. “I don’t think I ever found a place that was exactly where I wanted to be.”

Scott owned his own salon in Haslett at one time, but has likewise followed other career endeavors. After moving to Eaton Rapids, however, Harmony especially believed it was time to get back into salon work and owning a business.

“I feel like we’re entrepreneurs at heart. We like to take on projects and see them evolve,” said Harmony.

Their move to a different city, the homesickness of past careers, and the entrepreneurial spirit created the new business cocktail for Harmony and Scott. With the skills, education, and experience already in hand, the next step was to find a location and open up shop, which is when the Scotts’ found the vacant building at 400 S. Main.

The compact space fit their jive, according to Harmony. They wanted to start out modestly and accommodate their fledgling business to their beloved small town. Although the space has its limitations, Harmony is confident it fits their purposes well and that growth won’t be an issue. Growth is secondary to their passion and desire to provide quality service.

“This is our future,” said Harmony. “Our goal in being here is having a positive, lively, upbeat atmosphere.”

The couple has been encouraged by the support from the community thus far. They’re under no delusions about their location or the commonality of salons in the greater Eaton Rapids area, but for Harmony and Scott the passion never died it only hibernated for a few years. Now they’re ready to bring their expertise to a town that fits their family, military, and entrepreneurial values. For more information about Trivium Salon, readers can visit the Trivium Salon Facebook page, or call (517) 441-6101.