Two years ago, the students at Charlotte High School researched a way to expand their recycling efforts and they found a company where they could exchange the plastic caps and lids for a bench or picnic table that could be placed in the school courtyard for student use.
The students had a very ambitious goal of collecting over 200 pounds of plastic caps and lids for this project. At that time, they reached out to the community for support in gathering the many caps and lids that were needed. There were drop off sites at the different local schools and at Charlotte Area Recycling Authority (CARA) during this time.
We are excited to say that the students were able to collect, wash and sort over 250 pounds of caps and lids for this project from school collection sites and CARA donations! In the spring of 2021, we loaded up a trailer with all the boxes of caps and lids collected and headed to southern Indiana to trade our plastics in for an eight-foot bench made of those same caps. Since then, the students have moved the bench into one of the high school courtyards and given people another place to sit outside. We would like to say thank you to everyone in the community who helped us collect the caps and lids needed for this large project and tell you how much we appreciated it!
Submitted by Charlotte Public Schools