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Month: April 2015

Vendors excited about new Charlotte Artisans and Farmers Market

Jessica Droscha first set up shop at the Charlotte Farmers Market last year. After a while, she said she started noticing a small problem — a lack of customers. Though the Farmers Market in Charlotte, which is held every Saturday morning from June through October, has seen a steady growth in vendors over the years, attendance from shoppers isn’t always great. That’s why Droscha, who, along with her husband Jeremy, operates an organic garden, is excited at the idea of the new Charlotte Artisans and Farmers Market, which will be held Thursday evenings this summer. “I’m really looking forward to the new Thursday date,” she said. “I think it will bring more business to charlotte and help support some of our local businesses,” She’s not alone. Elizabeth Siler, owner of Afterschool Treats in Charlotte is excited at the opportunity to expand her business. She has operated Afterschool Treats for nearly two years, selling baked goods directly to customers from her home. “I heard about the Thursday Farmers Market, and for myself and my family, Thursday works so much better than the Saturday market,” Siler said.  “Having small children, we sometimes like to take off for the weekend.” Organizers of the Artisans and Farmers Market have heard similar comments from community members about the Saturday morning market. Which is the main reason the group looked for a weeknight in which...

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Budget Blinds has what you need to enjoy the spring sunshine

Open up the blinds and let the warm sunshine through, it’s spring after all. While all of the sunshine can add warmth and comfort this time of year, too much sunlight can damage carpet and furniture. Kirt Austin, owner and operator of the local Budget Blinds franchise serving the Charlotte and Greater Lansing area, has the products and know-how to provide the perfect balance. He said Budget Blinds’ large selection of motorized shades have become a popular choice for customers looking for the ease of remote or push button use. “They are a very good alternative and are safer...

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Charlotte Brewing Company open for business

For the past year, Eaton Pub & Grille has rolled out an assortment of its own, in-house brewed beers. They’ve spent that time perfecting recipes and noting customer favorites. With a year under their belt, the owners decided it was time to enhance their brand and help spread the word that Charlotte did, in fact, have its own brew pub – hence the birth of the Charlotte Brewing Company. “We wanted people to know that we were a brewery also,” said manager Terry Davis. “The name helps it stick out more and separates it a bit from the restaurant.”...

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Charlotte Rec Co-op looks to DNR grants to fund new ball fields

The Charlotte Area Recreation Cooperative has submitted three grant proposals to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in hopes of developing softball fields on the north end of the Samuel L. Combs Industrial Park. The grant proposals were submitted March 30 following approval from the Charlotte City Council at its March 23 meeting. The three proposals represent requests to three different funds of the DNR — Land and Water Conservation Fund, $75,000 request with a $75,000 match; Recreation Passport Grant, $45,000 request with a $5,000 match; Natural Resource Trust Fund Grant, $225,000 request with a $75,000 match. CARC board member Dave Bankhead said the organization has the potential to meet the $75,000 match requirement of either the Land and Water Conservation Fund or the Natural Resource Trust Fund. Though, the co-op’s money would go much farther with the Trust Fund grant, giving CARC a total of $300,000 for the construction of new softball fields. “We’re going to continue to look at the grant process through other funding sources as well,” Bankhead said. The Rec. Co-op, which consists of members from the City of Charlotte and Carmel and Eaton townships, is working with the City of Charlotte’s Land Development Finance Authority (LDFA) to put together a lease agreement to use a 22-acre parcel that resides within the Samuel L. Combs Industrial Park. The parcel is located adjacent to and...

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The County Journal enters 10th year of serving Eaton County

I had a colleague tell me once that The County Journal would be gone within two years, tops. Mind you, this conversation took place long before he was aware that I would be joining The County Journal team, determined to build something great in my hometown. Though not without its tremendous share of challenges, I am happy to say we were able to eclipse those meager expectations. This April marks the beginning of The County Journal’s 10th year in Eaton County — a milestone that seems unreal when you look back on it, as milestones often do. Ten years is a long time for a small company that opened its doors a few short years before the Great Recession. Somehow we’ve managed to remain your source for local advertising and news. It’s because of you, in fact, our readers and advertisers that we’ve managed as long as we have. Equally important though, is the committed team of people working together to produce a quality, local newspaper each week. I cannot begin to describe the amount of work, often in stressful situations, that goes into each edition. Our world revolves around a Thursday deadline. The pages have to be to the press that afternoon, which means ads have to be built and proofed, articles written and edited, pages built and proofed. If we’re lucky, we hit our early evening deadline....

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